How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel

create mysql databases cpan How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel

Creating mySQL Databases is a really important thing to be added if you were using any Content Management Script (CMS) or any other script that require you to add mySQL databases into their script. But, creating and adding mySQL Databases sometimes is really hard to do especially for the newbies. And also, not many people know how to secure or use a strong mySQL Databases to prevent their site to be hacked through backdoor because of the script vulnerability.

To create a mySQL databases, first you must have a webhosting that serve you with CPanel or DirectAdmin. Open up your CPanel, go to Databases column and select the mySQL Databases icon.

select mysql databases How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel

And then, create a new database by entering your database name. For this, I highly recommend you to create a hard guess database name. Try to enter a random letter with number and capital. This is one of the way to make sure you have a high security database to be added into the script. And then click create database.

create mysql database name How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel

After you have finished creating the mySQL database name, go back again to the mySQL Databases page. Scroll down to the bottom and search for mySQL user. And then at the username, again use a hard guess name that have combinations of low case, capital letter, number or any random text. And then for the password, I highly recommend you to use “Generate password”. A pop-up will appear with the recommended random password. And then click on create user button.

create mysql user How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel

You also can copy and save the database username & password into notepad for futher reference. After that, click back. Now, we need to merge both Database Name and Database Users to create a complete mySQL Database to be use in your web script.  Scroll down again to the below and search for Add user to Database. Choose the Database Name and the Database Username that we have created before and click on the add butoon.

add user to database How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel

After that tick on that “All Privileges” and “Save Change”. Now you are done creating your own high security mySQL database.
mysql account maintanence How to create mySQL Databases in Cpanel
It is not that hard too actually right? Now you use the mySQL databases data to intergrate your hosting with any of web script that required it such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, phpBB, VBulettin and many more.


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