How to automatically pinging WordPress Blog

auto ping wordpress blog How to automatically pinging Wordpress Blog

Pinging your blog frequently is really an essential. With “PING”, you can tell the spider crawler from different site to crawl and indexing your latest blog post. But, pinging your blog manually can be a time consuming job. Thanks to WordPress for developing this cool function to automatically send ping to all the Pinging Service crawlers. But a lot of people still doesn’t get it on How to auto ping using wordpress blog platform.

Note : This method is 100% works for self-hosted wordpress blog. For other, you can do it automatically also, but in different technique. I will show it to you too.

First, login into your wordpress admin dashboard. And then, scroll below on your sidebar and search for the SETTINGS tab. Click on it and choose WRITING option like above:
wordpress writing settings How to automatically pinging Wordpress Blog

After that, take a look on the below box. Browse until you found this Update Services with a large text area box.
paste the ping url How to automatically pinging Wordpress Blog

Paste the following PING URL into the text area section. Just copy and paste all the following PING URL and then hit the Save Changes button.

Including the PING URL itself is just not enough. Since you have to ping to many type of server, it will taking a lot of time for you to publish your post since wordpress will ping the server first and then it will publish your post. But don’t worry, you can solve this problem by using this No Ping Wait wordpress plugin.

All you have to do is download, extract, upload and activate this No Ping Wait wordpress plugin in your blog. Download this plugin; No Ping Wait. After that, the pinging process will be run automatically and you don’t have to wait wordpress to pinging all the Pinging Services before publishing your post.

For those who using other blog platforms, you still can pinging your site too. But you can’t do it automatically like what wordpress does. You can ping your site using this free pinging services: Pingler.

Be always remember that the latest Pinging Services URL list can be often updated. So, it is important for you to keep up to date with the latest ping URL list. Hint, take a look at the Pingler site.

Credit to RajaKamil for the Pinging Services list and also Fakyew for the No Ping Wait plugin.


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    yea, 1 pinging such as pingomatic ping url can ping to other site.
    but it is not all the ping site.
    so, better to put others too inside.

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    Thanks for the tip! It's good to know there is such a tool.. I'm new to wordpress myself and still have tons to learn! I had difficulty understanding the concept of pinging at first. Thanks to all the internet and good writers, I finally have a simple understanding of it now *grin* For those who are in the same shoes as I wore before here's a good article that explains what pinging is simply Now I can finally digest all this pinging reading materials!

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