myBlog Re-Born

Welcome to my new blog. A reborn actually. Demit.  Actually, has move to the new webhosting and2 im forgot to backup my database file. So this is the reward for me. I lost all my 40+ late post starting from September. Lost my post also equal to lost my SEO ranking. So let see how i can get back my 4Months SEO rangking back. Huhuhu. There will be no visitor to my blog again. T_T.

So people, im advising you all to backup all your WPdata daily,weekly or monthly at least. How know what happen in future right? so, sediakan payung sebelum HUJAN. ekeke.

Dont bother if you see me posting a huge amount of post in a day. I really need it to be quick before i go to Kuching and lost my internet connection. And2, to anyone that already add me to your blogroll, i’ll add you back soon. Dont worry.

All i need to do right now is to install back all my plugins, edit my wigdets and posting back my late popular post. ehem3. Atleast i have back up some of my blog post in malakat92 and pgx. Hopefully, there’s still a chance for this blog to get alive back. Demit. hehehe.

Ngee~ im rushing right now. gtg.


  1. Mr WordPress

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in and view the post's comments. There you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. dr.xero

    uuh..seems it so much pain huh..sorry my man..i cant find the backup.. really sorry..

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  4. azrin


    Azrin @

  5. deennasour

    ui syuxx….really ha?
    advantage to me~
    now i can post a comment,,
    but i like the old one,,,
    dont forget to add my link k,,

  6. elliv

    pity on you.. that also happen to me also.. i lost my articles that i post from year at the middle of the year 2004, really dissapointed me.. and now, what you is just a blog test..

  7. syuxx

    no problem man. thx nway setting up this blog again. thx3

    yeah3. ur welkam dude. i’ll visit ur blog soon

    yah3. hilang sudah. now you can be my atas komentar oredy. huahuahua.
    dah ku adding blog u lam conextion ya.

    yurp2, that’s y we must backing up our file. :(

  8. deennasour

    hehehe,,thanx syuxx,,
    no ranking kah?


    i like the words ‘reborn’. is because we do something new

  10. syuxx

    still new bah. no rangking lah.

    thx for visiting

  11. deennasour

    apa2 pun,,ada ke tak ada,,
    aku sudah boleh komen~
    huhu,,,,tak le aku boring~

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