happy o meter Happy o not?

I have received this new advertisements campaign from Nuffnang. It not a normal type of advertisements. The ads campaign is called Happy-o-not. Ohmy, i love ads that can give interactivity with their fellow readers. This ads campaign was using the skyscrappers ads unit which we always see on the sidebars.

The widget give you more interactivity to add what your current mood or feeling with some updates for not longer that 60 words. Wow, sound something familiar right? It is something like Twitter updates too. There differ is, you can put what’s your current emoticon that current time.

happ o not campaign Happy o not?

There is five moods for you to choose and 10 color scheme to be choose. Apart from that, insert also some short updates on what you do at the current moment. This ads campaign actually another cool way from DiGi to spread more news about their Happy prepaid (which another telco like celcom, maxis and digi itself). After that, you also could paste the javascript for happy-o-not sidebar widget.

artclick happy Happy o not?

But since i got their ads campaign on my ArtClick forum, i dont think to put it on this blog. Apart from that, i also have my twitter updates at the footer. Huhu. Ohyeah, new theme ^^. But you are freely to add the widget eventhough you didnt be part of the ads campaign. You could always read more about this at Nuffnang Official Blog.

Have fun everyone, and be happy. ^^

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  1. HaRiz

    aku pon dapat bende alah ni…tapi aku tak tau ape function die…hahaha…malas mau paste kat blog…rasanya blog aku pon dah macam semak samun dah sekarang…mau update pon malas siot…

  2. Norhafidz

    just registered with nuffnang, I’m going to look at it thoroughly after this :). Thanks for sharing

    Norhafidzs last blog post..I Am Officially Busbied

  3. syuxx

    ohyea, no problem bro.
    let see, how far we can go with nuffnang.
    gud luck!

  4. Оно того стоит.

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