Happy New Year and my blogging resolution

happy new year Happy New Year and my blogging resolution

Ahoy mates! It is new year and the beginning of the year of 2009. So, say good bye to the old sweet memories in the year of 2008. And thanks to the people that keep visiting and reading the posts that I wrote in this blog. Without you, this blogging wouldn’t reach this high.

It has been a year and half I’ve been involved and falling in love with all this blogging stuff. Sound geeky eh? Whatever it is, that is me and I love doing this geeky thing. There’s a lot of things that I’ve achieve since the last year. And I hope that it will be much more better in this year of 2009.

A lot of bloggers and webmasters already have their own mission, projects and plans for this 2009 including me too. So, here it is my Happy New Year blogging Resolution:

  1. I would like to push this blog and my other blogs with much more daily UV traffics to it. I hope that I can improve their ranking in SERP, boost up the Alexa rank and also getting a good PR in all my blog. It is not impossible if I work hard for it.
  2. Earn more than $300 to my paypal in half year. I think it is possible to earn that much money to my paypal less than a half year. I have prove myself that I can earn more than RM300 in blogging, so it is still a possible missions.
  3. Continue my delayed and unfinished web projects. I have many web projects that still not done yet. I hope that 2009 will bring me some spirit to finish up all of it. And maybe, getting some partners to joint venture with me.
  4. Stop buying new domains and start polished the current one. I have bought a lot of domain names last year. But a lot of it still not being used and I also noticed the bill that I have to payed to renew it later. So, it is much more better for me to make full used of those dormant domain names that buying a new one.
  5. I want to improve my coding skill. I have improve a lot my coding skill in (x)html and CSS last year. So, this year I would like to learn much more deeper about php, javascript and jQuery. Well, not a lot of people love to messed themselves with codes right?
  6. Contribute something useful to the web communities. Well, I’m still thinking of this. But there will be somthing that I can contribute to all people in this year. I hope that I can do this.
  7. Learn more and more geeky things. I wish that I can learn all of it. Yeah, it is possible if I want it anyway.

There’s much more plans for me to do in this year 2009. I really hope that I can do it all. Well, in 2009 I will be sitting for another biggest exam which is SPM. And with no streamyx connection and the only things left is my Celcom Broadband, I hope that I can manage my time to do all those stuff without frustrating myself.

Happy New year everyone !


  1. i hope you can do that syuxx. all the best. :)

  2. Salwa

    Good luck in achieving your goals and happy holidays!

  3. flip9

    gud luck for your SPM!
    aku baru je lepas..lalala

  4. syuxx

    thanks salwa. yeah, hope that i can achieve it all.

    thank you bro. kurang lah aku online tahun ni nanti.
    spm. haha

  5. |1f34|-|1r3

    good for you to have a wonderful 2008…hope you can achieve a lot more in 2009 !

  6. elliv.co.cc

    Have been a while im not here… and new domain… Keep up the good work!

  7. innes

    caiyok, syuxx!
    1 st time post kat sitok.
    orang lam klas kita kirim salam ngan kau.


    Keep up the hard work! :-)

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