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tools for webmaster Great tools for Webmasters

Here is the list of some great quality online tools for Webmasters. There’s a lot of this cool online tools to help you in order to maintain your website or blog to the fullest. So, make use of them fully too. Most of the online tools are FREE and work the best like others too. I’ve come across to many site/tools that offer value to webmasters espcially in designing, developing and maintaining websites/blog. Although there’s still a lot of them in my list, but here it is a few of them for you to use. Read below:

1. Keyword suggestion tool
Free Keyword Suggestion tool is a really for you to select a keyword. All you have to do is enter a keyword and it will give you some suggested keyword and how often people search for it. This is really important espcially if you are starting your blog or website. From here you can choose some keyword to build your website to make sure it is high ranking to the SEO.

2. Google Anylatics
Google Anylatics is really important to a website or a blog. This tool will make you easier to analyse your blog on what people search in your blog. So, you can make content from what they oftenly search on your web. Yes, this thing also can be done in cpanel. But i choose to use the Nuffnang Analytics beside that.

3. Free stock images
Images is really important things to be added into your web content. Any image or graphic can attract the readers to read more on your website. For some great collections of free stock images can be found at Apart from that, you also can use some graphic stock at iSTOCKphoto. Yes, you also can use images from other websites but make sure to credited them in your blog post.

4. Sitemap Generator
Sitemap is really important for a website. In order to make sure the spider crawl to your blog, you need to insert a sitemap to your blog/website. This will make your blog to be indexed quickly and corrrectly in search engine results. To have your site indexed more quickly, regularly and completely, you need an XML sitemap that conforms to the current sitemaps protocol.For Joomla, WordPress or other web CMS, there’s likely a lot of plugin that automatically generates the sitemap for your web. But for Blooger/Blogspot you can use Google Webmaster Tools to create the sitemap. Or else, you can use to manually spider your site and create one for you.

5. Favicon Editor & Generator
What else can make your blog stand out differently than others is the FAVICON! Favicon is a little icon that appears beside the URL, the title in the tab, and the favorite/bookmark, depending on your browser. It’s becoming more common practice to for sites to have a custom favicon as the identity for the web although it is not really important actually. So, why not gives a professional looks on your website using this online Favicon generator by You can draw online by your now or just upload a 16×16 .png icon file to generate your own favicon.ico file for your blog.

6. Color Matching Tool
Creating a new templates/skins? But clueless with what colour you should combine with? This online colour matcher tool by will do it all for you. You can use this tool to blend your adsense ads too. Cool right? Just enter the color HEX code such as #0000f0 and they match the complimentary colors to incorporate into the design for you. So, there will be no more reason to have a bad color contrast to your blog. NO! haha.

7. CSS tools
CSS has been known as the beautifier of a website or a blog. But not all of us are really familiar with CSS and reaally need help sometime right? SmashingMagazine has already list out a various links about CSS for you. If you have any question about CSS or would like help creating an effect on your site that you’ve seen on another, you’ll most likely find the information there!It is an incredibly valuable and comprehensive one for you to get help and start with.

8. URL shorter tool
Having a really really long URL? Then use some of this online generator which will crunch your blog URL to become shorter. You can try,,,, or OR you can also crunch together a bunch of URL into a single URL using and use the URL shorter above to shortern them back. Or dream of longer URL instead of short one? is the answer for you. Ohmy, anyone want to use this? haha

Oke. That’s all for now. There’s still a lot to be list out here. Just i dont have time to type it out. So, use the tools to the fullest oke. They are ROCK! Just remember to explorer, explore & explore more on it. Read, read & read. Haha. Sory for not updating this blog in such a long long time. Im really really in busy. Huhu.

a great thanks to this. ^^

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    good entry!

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  3. Mohd Ismail

    Keyword aku selalu guna Google External Keywords..

    Sitemap selalu guna plugin je.. sbb banyak website aku pakai wordpress (wordpress is awesome!)

    lain2 jarang la.. image tu pun selalu sebat je.. ha ha ha

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  5. rock princess

    Nice post. Very informative especially to those who wanted their website very searchable and pretty.

  6. pana

    hey i got a question 4 u
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    why is it that when im trying to signup,
    they offer me with dat community online shit wateva..
    i put no but it wants me to tick yes..
    why aa?
    so until now i cant upload my css file in da ripway

  7. syuxx

    lorhh, it easy. just press that skip button.
    ignored that fucktard ads. The skip button is the red in colour next to the green accept button.

    After that, you will be directed to your Ripway account. mission completed! lol.


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