Graphical Life™’s Birthday Contest – Win RM 50 !

header contest Graphical Life™’s Birthday Contest   Win RM 50 !

Graphical Life™ blog owner has held a contest for his 16th birthday. The contest is just simple. All you need to do is write a review about him. If you are selected, then you will win the RM50 cash. So, let me introduce you to Najmi the Graphical Life™ blog owner.

How did i know him? Well, i know him since last year through Friendster. He live in Perlis. That is way too far from my hometown here in Sarawak. We have been active in a forum in Friendster called 1992. Ohyeah, the year where all the malaysian kids that was born in 1992 taking their PMR exam. So, we are also desprated for soalan bocor PMR and changing exam paper with other state. From there, i get know more about him and other cute girls.

Najmi is also the founder of Malakat92 forum. The forum was created last year by him and supported by the others member. Creating and maintaining a forum is a really hard task. Especially IPB based forum. Now, if you are asking me the person then inspired me to blogging i would glad to say it is him, NAJMI. Before that i only know nuts about blog until i stumbled upon his blog. And that is the first time in my ever life hear the name of WordPress CMS. Now that is really inspired me.

Najmi also has a great skill in photoshop and designing. Well, we both share the same passion in designing. You can see his great design skill in his blog or at malakat92 forum. Apart from being photoshop lover, Najmi is also a hardcore gamer :p. He love MMORPG game and ps2. He loves J-Pop too. Movies too. And anime too. Well, read his blog and you will know how big is his passion into those stuff.

Najmi is a good cooker too. Read his post about How to make a Caramel. Yummy, haha. Well, happy belated day to you Najmi! I know it is late already. The birthday boy was on 13th August. Sorry. Haha. By the way, take a visit to his blog Graphical Life™:


  1. Najmi

    you in.
    nice review!

  2. Elafyf


    Im surely enough I wouldnt win the RM 50

  3. DailyBabe

    Erotic art

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