Graphic Collection V2 :: Koleksi Grafik

koleksi grafik v2 Graphic Collection V2 :: Koleksi Grafik

Having a good web design and nice graphic on your blog or website would make your blog look attractive. But, not everyone have skill in designing right? Well, there is nothing impossible in this world. Even me myself takes time to learn and mastering designing skill. But yet, still a noob. But hey, here’s some good news for noobies like me. You want to create your own design? Doesnt want to hire the expensive designer? Graphic Collection V2 :: Koleksi Grafik V2 might help you.

AmmarZahar from blog Perniagaan Internet is going to release his e-book regarding this matter. It is the Koleksi Grafik V2. If you are a serious person in online money making, having a good design skill is needed. Yeah, you can hire a designer. But hiring a designer need you to pay out some money. Why not do it by yourself right?

If you want to take a sneek peek on this e-book, you can download the pre-launch of Koleksi Grafik V1 for FREE!.

In this e-book, you can learn all about designing. From choosing a right font to a good color contrast, suitable background and many more. I can see how awesome this e-book will be just through the pre-launch version.

graphic collection pack Graphic Collection V2 :: Koleksi Grafik

This e-book come out with a package. You will not just get an e-book, but you also will got the graphic resources and video tutorial. Photoshop has been known as one of the famous graphic design software. But not many people know how to handle this software efficiently. But in this e-book, AmmarZahar will show you the easy step to making a great design.

This e-book also special dedicating to anyone that interested in online Money Making. After this, you can make your own Sales Page much more beautiful and awesome and of course RARE from others. From there, your visitor can be turn into your buyer. Awesome right?

If you buying this e-book, you also will get a special Koleksi Grafik V2 Membership where you can access to a special blog to get help. At the blog, you will special update tutorial and help from the graphic team. You also can download tons of graphic from there.

Well, i can’t talk too much about this since the e-book will be release this 1 August. And yes, this e-book is written in Malay Language. So, anyone from Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei or anyone that know malay language can grab this e-book this 1st of August.

Grab the E-Book from Blog Perniagaan Internet this 1st August. I suggest you to subscribe to that blog to get more updates upon this. This is a special review for this Koleksi Graphic V2 contest.


  1. bantingboy

    i believe its not free. We need to buy it right?

    bantingboys last blog post..Why we need to use Entrecard?

  2. syuxx

    yup, tunggu this 1st august

  3. KNizam

    wahhhhhh masyukkkkkk neh kalau jual. hehe :)

  4. bantingboy

    aik..dah setat leh jual la nih?

  5. syuxx

    yups, kelmarin dah start.
    better cepat sebab harga masih murah.
    rembat terus sebelum dia uprocong harga product.

    jom beli!

  6. mirlme

    cantik juak tok..
    mok ku beli

  7. lenmore

    wah. dah dapat banyak sales ke belum?

    lenmores last blog post..The Best Place To Transfer Your Domain

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  9. Silly Genes

    Habt Ihr mehr so gute Ideen drauf?

  10. Monika Hehlfurt

    A truly sensitive blog

  11. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

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