Google PR update! Thumlog is PR3

google pagerank thumlog Google PR update! Thumlog is PR3

Google has just updating their Pagerank this last 27 September. I didnot notice i since I was on holiday for a week since last saturday. The last google pagerank update was on 27 July which this blog still not exist yet. That was 2 months ago. This blog was created on August 8th 2008 and i manage to get PR3 for it less than 2 months. Well, it is not really easy to gain a good pagerank value with new blog.

I didn’t really have any special trick for this since I use clean method for this blog. All things that i do is keep posting a new post to blog and updating it frequently since google love blog that is always being update. Then, I also make a link exchange with blog that has PR value. Using this, that blog also shared his/her blog pagerank juice to your blog.

And one thing for sure, if you want to get a good pagerank from google and to make sure that you did not being penalized by them you must obey the google search engine policies. Avoid doing make money online program such as selling text links ads and doing paid post. Google hate it since this kind of program are trying to manipulate the search engine. So, make sure you choose a make money online program that is not againts google policies.

Also make sure you did not linked to any blog that google doesnt like such as gambling site, poker site, porn site, alcohol related products and any illegal site. You would not get any PR juice from them, but you also would be penalized by google together with them.

Why people are so fascinated with Google Pagerank? Well, a got PR blog determined the quality of the blog or the website. It also showed you how often goolgle spider indexed your site. Did you know that a new blog can be indexed less than 24-hours just by get linked with a PR6 blog. Awesome right? Well, that is how mush important for you to get a good Google Pagerank for your blog.

If you want to check your blog pagerank, you can visit this site → Page Rank Checker. Get the button and show it off ony your blog. Haha.

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  1. topo

    mine still got pr2.. hohohoh need to do a drastic change in the future…

  2. syuxx

    yeah, make a link exchange with high pr blog bro.
    and also try to improve your blog traffic and SEO.

  3. TeRaBai

    mine old blog got penalized to PR0 but am currently doing something to get reconsideration. Its not easy to get PR3 but u did it and congratulations

  4. tunepal

    satu lagi. kalau blog korang ada iklan adsense, itu membantu menaikkan pagerank korang.

  5. syuxx

    sometime, people also doesnt get it how does google pr algorithm work like. Sometime they give you better, sometime it is worster.
    Just make sure you stay white-hatting to get a good PR.

    putting google adsense code? Really? never heard about it before. Maybe because adsense is own by google.

  6. TerAbAi

    hmm ya. my mistake was selling text link ads as in backlinks dot com. hehehe. just becareful. Currently applying to goolgle for PR reconsideration.

  7. syuxx

    I dont think we need apply to get back the PR.
    If your blog dropped to PR 0, all you have to do is cleaned up the messed and wait for the next PR update.
    I think it is wise to write to google team if the PR dropped to N/A (grey bar).

    Maybe the old post from 5xmom might be help.

  8. aeropama dot com

    actually i dun care about PR thingy. i blog for my own satisfaction. if google wants to reward me with a good PR, it’s a bonus for me

    ps: my 3 months blog also got PR3. same as u

  9. syuxx

    Personal blog that always been updated and being visited always being loved by google PR dude.
    The important things is our passion to share things with other.
    Wasnt that why blog was introduced right?

  10. RajaOtai

    Mine is still low…maybe I should put more effort to it

  11. adil

    wa… ur pr goes to 3. try hard to get more than that… :p

  12. syuxx

    yeah, try to discover more and more technique to gain it.

    well, this blog is just one month and a half. Hope to get much more better rank on the next update.

    yeah bro, work hard is the only key.

  13. |1f34|-|1r3

    my blog just got PR2 from google..better than nothing..congrats on PR3…working hard to make higher PR !

  14. am

    yup… am pernah ada satu blog last year dapat pr 3 tros lepas tak sampai 1 bulan… sebabnya one way link yang banyak dari site lain… tapi blog tu dah tak wujud sebab blog pasal movie download.. btw pr 1-3 memang senang dapat… nak naik 4 dan nak maintain tu susah..

    bila ada aje pr sebok nak jual link… kemudian mrasa la kena tarik balik…

  15. syuxx

    haha. betul tu.
    sebab itu lah aku masih tak berani lagi nak try TLA dengan PPP tu.
    biarlah dulu guna cara tradisional ni untuk earn from net.

    huhu. untuk maintain PR tu, kenalah selalu update blog dgn quality content.

  16. dauz

    Tengok la pr blog saya dah low akibat jarang update la ;) susah tau tapi salkan slalu update no problem la pr nak maintain :)

  17. syuxx

    Yeah, updating is an important thing to do.
    what is blog without it’s content update right?
    hire someone to post if we cant do that alone.

    p/s: Good luck for SPM bro ! :)

  18. appleblogger

    I guess its really fast right? You really great for making good pagerank. :)

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  20. kouji

    congratulations. :) my blog’s pr also jumped. unfortunately, am not getting much love from google in terms of traffic. :(

  21. syuxx

    PR doesnt have relationship with you blog traffics

  22. kouji

    indeed. what i should have said, rather, is that in spite of my work, building up backlinks, some with targeted anchor text, the traffic that google used to send my way has now dried up. probably because of some tweak i did to my blog. :(

  23. mazuki

    my blog still PRo and still work hard to get my 1st PR… and another blog already got PR1…

    better than nothing

  24. [...] kini ialah 3. Lama sebenarnya. Ke sini untuk tahu tentang peri penting’nya PR. Yezza! « Robot bernama [...]

  25. bd fabregas

    still PR2 for me.. congratz for your PR3..


    saya cek PR nol.. Berkunjung kesini, sambil baca artike artikel bermutu.

  27. Rimbow

    Artikel di sini bagus-bagus memang pantas anda mendapatkan ranking blog anda bernilai tinggi

  28. Widy Jantiko

    Iya saya suka blog ini. artikelnya bagus-bagus.. mudah2an pagerank ku naik setelah baca artikel disini. Thanks..

  29. Diana Sesarin

    pr saya berantakan update google kemaren

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