Good Bye 2007 !!

newyir Good Bye 2007 !!

It’s a few more hour before we go to 2008. Wahh, sungguh sekejap sekali masa berlalu. Im gonna miss you year 2007 ! There’s a lots of things happen and change in my life this year. Totally massive change. Hehehe. 2007 also the less boring year for me compare to the last year. A lot of improvement in myself phsically and mentally for this year. Oh, really gonna miss you 07′.

Okeyh. Let see some of things than happen in my life for this year.

Learn Photoshop

Yippi2 !! as you can see. I manage getting mmy skil in photoshop-ing for less than a year. But still not a pro yet. There’s still many other functions need to be discover.

Art Click Community

One and only one. My lovely art group. From here too i learn all about graphik, photography and FRIENDship. Thx to Enchek Awang as one of the co-founder. Hehehe. And we manage to do our first gath with Pelangi Art Crew last November. I really love this group. Fukin i do !

I got my own blog and learn wordpress

Thx to bro Xeroxaven for giving me space on his hosting. And now i have own my wordpress BLOG. I learn and meet a lot of people from blogging. From here, i also learn some coding althought im still newbie in this. But for sure, soon i’ll be pro. :P

Sit on big EXAM this year

Oh yeah! PMR ! actually im not really struggle in this. But at least i got a better grade. Heehehe. 2 more years before sitting on another big exam, SPM. :(

I got a new desktop and a laptop !

Yay ! two big gadget in year. Thx daddy. Recently have bought this HP Presario compaq Lappy. More powerful than my late HP desktop. My Dad really support me in learning all this thing. Thx dad ! sayang gilak dengan kitak eyh! :)

Meet new people and friends

In this year, i have meet many type of people whether in internet or in the real world. I make friends with some in internet and manage to meet them in the real world. Wow.!! I also learn more things about friendship. Yeah., people is rare, and im RARE too. Who care.~

Changing into a new style

Ohyeah, fuking i do. No more be a so called POSER!! I’ve learn that style is something that come naturally from my heart, not by looking on other. I hate to be a poser and i hate to posering by other. I listen to new type of music. And i also stop listening to indonesians music. We got more cool artists and band here. Just the media who didnt know it. I don’t understand people who are satisfied with ordinary Pop music, they just listen to whatever radio stations decide they should like. Get a life. !

okeyh. Enoughh about that. There’s many more things happen in this year. Im just tired to jot down all of them here. Hehehe.

My 2008 Resolution !

1. Own my own blog.
2. Design my own wordpress theme.
3. learn Adobe Illustrator and Flash.
4. Getting more friends.
5. Study hard for form 4(this wont last til’ end of the year)
6. A new handphone please..
7. Upgrade my desktop.
8. Print out my own first t-shirt design
9. Stop being a jerk.!! hahaha

Well, that is all the things that has been happen in my life this 2007. I hope 2008 will be much more better than this year. Amin.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!! mir25 Good Bye 2007 !!

salam from me.


  1. razifmustapha

    selamat tahun baru yeah!!!! come on 2008. Rock!

  2. Dante-San

    hak3~!Besh nya dpt daddy yg support bab2 pc neyh~!
    Heppy New Year~!!!

  3. syuxx

    yeah! thx2. smga 2008 is much more better. ohyeah!

    hahaha. thx3.

  4. Mohd Ismail

    he he.. salam tahun baru.. *cantik theme ko*

  5. syuxx

    thx mohd ismail ! :)
    hehehe. ripped theme ni.

  6. deennasour

    wah,,ko dpt destop baru and laptop baru!!
    wah!! cool gilak eh~

    nang ko sik lamak gik prolah ya,,,
    amiin jak lah~

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