GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon

godaddy domain coupon GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon

I have stumbled upon this great hot deal from GoDaddy Coupon domain name promotion form this dude calles Ast in WangCyber Forum.  Really affordable domain price which is only $1.99 for each TLD domain name which is .com, .net or .org. Really cheap and i guess everyone can afford this. Godaddy has been known as one of the top domain name seller. So, you dont have to worry about this GoDaddy Coupon & being scam by them.

To get the special and great price from GoDaddy, you can use this GoDaddy Coupon199TEST. Just put this Godaddy latest domain name coupon during your domain name purchase. You only have to pay $1.99 plus $0.20 for  ICANN fee applies. So, the price is only $2.19 for each domain. Really cheap even if you convert it to our Malaysia Currency, it still cost RM 7.84 only (based on current USD-MYR rate exchange).

I already test this GoDaddy Coupon domain name and purchase it. So, I can prove to you that this is a real domain name coupon. Look at this PayPal fund transfer for prove:

012278670 GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon

I just recently bought this domain name: using this Godaddy coupon. Work like a charm.

If you still using other blogging services sub-domain such as blogspot, wordpress or tumblr, then consider to buy domain name using this GoDaddy coupon. To buy a domain name from GoDaddy, you need to have a Paypal account (free) or a credit card. Really easy and fast service. The only thing that sucks about GoDaddy is the web load really slow. To have this domain name promotion, make sure you skip all the upseller promotion.

Why you should have your own domain name? Well, here’s my top reason why you should get your own domain name:

  1. Having your own domain name showed that you are really serious in what you do which is blogging. Who know you also can be the next KennySia. So, more popularity come.
  2. You also in one more step to be a success blogger. What is a blogger if they still use other company sud-domain right?
  3. Google also will love your blog more since owning a domain name showed that you are really dedicated in what you blogged about. So, more traffic come.
  4. You also can join many Make Money Online programme on the net. A lot of them required you to have your own domain name rather than a free sub-domain. So, more money come to you.
  5. Number 5, just go google it! You really need a domain name. Haha.

So, right now I already have a lot of domain name since i have more money in my Paypal to waste. I have money in it since i already know how to make money online. I make money online using a blog. I have my own domain name for my blog. So, own a domain name NOW!

Some list of my latest domain name:

That is also the reason why I am not updating this blog for many days already. I have a lot of things to do and manage plus school things as you can read on the top sidebar.

ps: you can get other Godaddy Coupon from RajaPayloadz blog. Look at his comment.

pps: anyone can tell me how did they do & get this GoDaddy Coupon? How to make my own coupon ??


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  2. reddebt

    yup. i guess many people already try to bought it now..

  3. syuxx

    yeah, i hope there’s nothing weird behind this promo just like the yahoo domain where you need to pay $34.00 for the next year.

  4. |1f34|-|1r3

    hmmmm….interesting enough…i haven’t park any domain at might hosting and have some paypal to waste….maybe i’ll take this opportunity…thanks for sharing !

  5. syuxx

    yeah, park-a-domain also cool.
    especially if you bought popular mispell domain.
    it can generate traffic and flow cash steadily.
    cool eh? haha

  6. [...] to play. You even can make it look more professional. Just like what I have write in previous post GoDaddy Latest Coupon, having your own domain name will make your site or blog look more professional, attractive and [...]

  7. azlieJONET

    tQ 4 da info beb..

    but i hv prob tu verify my paypal acc…

    huhu.. sedihhh la x dpt nk beliii!!!

  8. syuxx

    choose a correct debit/credit card.
    i would highly recommend you to use whether publicbank debit card or eonbank debit card.
    it totally work to verify and transfer the fund to ur bank acc.

  9. Izzy

    When the 199test runs out, you can try these codes to get yourself some more savings:

    emma1 = 10% off any order
    emma2 = 20% off any order >50USD
    emma3 = .com domain for 7.49USD (new and renewals)
    emma4 = domain for 2.70GBP for the first year
    emma30 = 30% off .com domains (new and renewals)
    emma35 = .com domain for 3.50GBP (or local currency equivalent)

  10. syuxx

    thanks for sharing this Izzy.

  11. IcedNyior

    thanks for the coupon code! :D

    I got one more = MAX = 10% off :)

  12. IcedNyior

    I’ve been using godaddy for 2 yrs now. Very reliable hosting & domian provider. Use coupon code MAX for 10% off

    Btw, this domain doesn’t include private registration. Private registration is $8.99 – without it, anyone can whois your domain and get your details
    total = 11.18 :)

    kmk angkut jual a few domains. Btw, coupon ya sik boleh polah kedirik, its special offers from GoDaddy :)

  13. IcedNyior

    alar…sik boleh register more than 1 domain :(

  14. syuxx

    yeah, but i dont really give my real info in the domain name registaration.

  15. IcedNyior

    this is not your real info?

    syuxx, syuxx [email protected]
    Desa pujut, bandar baru permyjaya
    miri, sarawak 98107
    (014) 687-3069

  16. syuxx

    no, i meant atleast it is not that too obvious like this blog whois.
    haha. yeah, i should consider take the privacy reg too for my other domain soon.

  17. [...] include private registration. So unless you want to show your name, address and phone number like syuxx (even tho you put a false name), then you need to pay and additional USD8.99. Grand total = USD [...]

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  19. detoxtech

    i have several websites hosted at Godaddy and i am pretty much satisfied with this domain name registrar. it is also very easy to get coupon codes for Godaddy.

  20. Fudmonster18

    is it necessary that you buy the domain from your blog host? thanks for the info

  21. cheap hotels

    thanks for the coupon code!

  22. Lia Lawter

    wonderful blog post. pls keep it up!!!!

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