GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon #2

godaddy latest cheap domain GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon #2

Yeah, here it go again. I just stumbled upon this website which is OhMalaysiaku and look out at his blog post. GoDaddy has another TLD domain name promotion! Just like the previous one which I have posted before: GoDaddy Latest Cheap domain coupon #1. For this promotions, you can buy a .com domain name for just $0.99 each with the Godaddy Domain name coupon. Really cheap right? I also has bought one for myself.

The basic price for a .com TLD domain name is $9.90 in GoDaddy which still can be considered as cheap too. But this promotions is really crazy. Now you also can get yourself a .com domain name for $0.99 with the Godaddy Domain name coupon. To get the discount, enter this code: 99DOMAIN during the domain name registration.

godaddy coupan domain GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon #2

But this is not included with the ICANN fee which is $0.20. So, $0.99+$0.20 = $1.19. Still cheap right? I don’t know what does ICANN work for but it is normal for us to pay the ICANN fee in any domain name registar company.

Guess what, I also has bought mine with this GoDaddy domain name coupon (again another domain name bought for this year) which is I’ve bought this for my special project in contributing free e-books tutorial to this open source community on how to setup WordPress blog from Zero to Hero. And yes, it is in Malay Language. Kinda hard too since I’ve never write a blog with Malay language before. This e-book + blog will come in series and divided in each tutorial chapter for you to download. Just wait and see how it will work soon.

So, I can prove that this GoDaddy Domain name coupon is WORK! Here’s the prove:
paypal trans 242x300 GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon #2

You can merge your existing GoDaddy account for this. Doesn’t need to create a new one. But, you only can purchased one domain name per IP using this Godaddy domain name coupon. IcedNyior has recommend me before to add a private registaration fee to in the domain name which cost you $8. This will help you to protect your private information from being showed in the WHOIS.


  1. chokilala

    huhuhu. takde paypal. kalau guna paypal kwn leh ke? huhu. nak gak

  2. [...] name saja per IP. Aku dah cuba & its work! Nak tengok bukti dia boleh check dekat blog aku: GoDaddy latest cheap domain coupon #2 | Thumlog! Thanks to OhMalaysiaku for this info. Sekadar membantu sesiapa yang mugkin tengah mencari2 domain [...]

  3. syuxx

    yup, of course you can. Tapi kena lah mintak permission dia dulu kan. Haha. $1.99 = MYR 4

  4. chokilala

    guna paypal kamu je la. hehe. bayar guna m2u. keke

  5. pakar clickbank

    satu info yang cukup menarik………

  6. Fizz

    I ade paypal.. ade org tu nk I lanje die.. I pun nak gak domain mura.. heeee… tp paypal I just ade $1.95 mane cukup… uiks.. org tu mintak org lain lakzz… heehee…

  7. syuxx

    cannot lah since i’ve already registered my paypal id to godaddy.
    jadi, tak boleh pakai untuk 2 accounts sekali.
    but you can always checkout to trade or buy paypal money.

    yeah, thanks for visiting.
    i love those free stuffs on your blog dude.
    it’s awesome!

    kalau nak lebih lagi paypal money, join lah mana2 make moeny program yg bayar through paypal such as promote the domain.
    Kalau dah refer 5 persons, dah boleh dapat $1.

  8. HAFIZ

    Aku baru tempah tadi guna paypal aku…best la murah ja

  9. izzat

    blog baru tu nnt boley la buat tutorial nak design+coding wordpress theme sendirik..haha.. ak pun masih bertatih ni nak belajar coding design+coding wp theme dari scratch.huhu..

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  11. zaizab

    syuxx… tq for the great info.. dah beli 1 domain. :-)

  12. syuxx

    yah, this is a really crazy deal

    don’t worry, i’ll split a chapter for that too.
    keep supporting :)

    thanks. cool domain bro

  13. syarif

    huhu..aku ada paypal, tapi lum masukkan lagi duit dalam paypal tu..

  14. syuxx

    try some make money online that offered to pay through paypal.
    work hard on it and you will see some cash flow to your paypal account

  15. Sweet Thinker

    wah… sape leh tlg beli domain murah. nk satu. nnti m2u!

  16. zaizab

    syuxx bro, mcmana nk install wordpress kt godaddy hosting? sbb dia kata kena sewa hosting monthly baru boleh install wordpress. Bro pakai free hosting godaddy ke utk thumlog ni?

  17. syuxx

    install wp guna godaddy? kena ada hosting dulu.
    godaddy tu setakat domain saja. boleh guna freehost.
    just letak hosting DNS dekat godaddy domain settings.

    for this blog, aku tak beli dekat godaddy.
    but im not really recommend to use godaddy freehosts.
    It just sucks oke. Better bayar since you get what you paid!

  18. titan

    hehe..nampak gaya macam kene beli lagi nih. haha..projek baru..

  19. syuxx

    mmg mesti pun beli. For projects. Haha

  20. safaridomain

    Hi i saw your blog and may i say its a good online resource one question for you.How are you able to pay godaddy using paypal balance tried myself and godaddy insists that i have a credit card on my paypal account.Thanks in advance

  21. mupha

    More GoDaddy coupons for you:

    MTECH8 or EMMA7 for 10% off your order
    MTECH9 or EMMA8 for 20% off $50 or more
    MTECH10 or EMMA9 for 30% off .com domains (and it works on renewals)
    They don’t expire till July 2010 and have no limitations on how much they can be used

    Plus MTECH25 or EMMA25 for 25% off $100 or more, but these expire end of August 09, so use them quick!

  22. promosyon

    perfect thank you

  23. huzurevi

    yaşlı bakımevi

  24. Kevin 007

    try here for the latest godaddy coupons:

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