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lol. It really take time for me to update this blog. Buzy buzy maniac. hahaha. What make me so busy actually until have no time to update this blog? actually many things DOES! hahaha. Emm, actually im working on my Art Click website. Well, just using a free stuff to setup that Web Portal. So, why dont take a peek on it right? and register too.

The web portal still not finish yet. Still have many things to be fixed up for it. Today, i finish redesign back the splash page using photoshop and kompozer editor with my notepad. lol. hahaha. this is how the splash page look like:

spalshh Get your own free website

Just a normal splash page. Im a noob in using Adobe Flash. Hahaha. So, no flash splash page. lol. And wtf am i adding chatbox there? iono. For fun maybe. Maybe it will look like a testimonial box? watever~

So, how did i make this forum for FREE huh? Well, this web portal was totally FREE !! u dont have to spend any money to build it.

First, register for a free webhosting at here. Well, this is a free webhosts with 200mb space and 10gb bandwith with cpanel and no ADS at all!! well, that really worth right? just like the paid hosting. But the only weakness of this webhosting is the server is always busy so it also take time for u to upload your file via FTP. And, you also need to have a visitor on your web or else it will be deleted. But the have a function to protect your hosting from being deleted. Cool right? So, whatchu waiting for? Register by clicking [HERE].

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Having a hosting is just not enough for us to set a web/blog right? we need a DOMAIN NAME too!So, where i can get a FREE domain name uhh? Well, why not using CO.CC free domain? It is totally FREE. no need to pay anything, no Ads, no banner and other annoying things for your website. Plus, you can use the domain name just like how you can use a PAID Domain name like .com, .net, .tv, .fm and etc. All you need to do, when registered at that FREE WEBHOST, select using my own domain. Then register at domain name for free at CO.CC. After that, fill the domain server name at that you get at thet free webhost to the form that you get at CO.CC. Wait until it be approved. That your domain name and web hosts will work less than 72 hours !!

cocc banner Get your own free website

Then you can upload anything that you want to the public_html folder via your FTP. You can set it to a webportal, a blog or just a normal website. You can use this to make your own WORDPRESS BLOG too !! just to do the above and install a wordpress blog in it. Or you can use it for blogspot too. I mean the domain name w/out using the free webhost. But blogspot is lame you know. lol. You can see the example of the wordpress blog that i make using the above technique at:


  1. elliv

    rajin juak ko owh… tpi dah ada provide free ya apa gik, langsap jak la… ya hmpir sama ngan… dpt set dns… ya bgusnya… selain ya, ada gik ka domain free2?

  2. deennasour

    nang hebat org nama syuxx tok ehs~


    apsal tak boleh masuk artclick tu..

  4. elliv

    singgah balit… thanks for sharing!!! aku makei juak… :P
    domain now change….

  5. syuxx

    aok lah. mmg best brg2 free tok. lol

    uishh, neyda hebat ney pun eyh. biasa2 saja.

    boleh dah. mungkin dia down kot tyme tu. hahaha. biasalah, barang free

    ohh, no prob ^_^

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