Friendster now in Bahasa Malaysia

friendster malay Friendster now in Bahasa Malaysia

Emm, Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu? Haha. Whatever it is. And HECK! that was thing that ive stumbled upon when ive logout my friendster account. Now Friendster also got in Bahasa Malaysia. Before this, they have added others language first. If im not mistaken, traditional chinnesse, simplified chinesse, vietnam, japanese, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and currently before BM is Indonesia.

It is kinda good sign too because they have included our mother tounge language in their system. I think maybe they have recognized that Malaysia user are on of the biggest user along with Philipines and Indonesia.

fsbm Friendster now in Bahasa Malaysia

But, there’s much more things that need to be improve. Especially the basic layout. It look nice before you login, but wtf is wrong when you are IN! They homepage based layout was kinda suck! All the tables, margin are moving here and there. I think they should fixed that. The problem actually was the the translated English word to B Melayu which make the word longer and break off the table. But yeah, they’ll fixed that soon. Im just a user that loves to complaint a lot for you Friendster. Haha. I wish Tom from Myspace will do the same too soon. Hehe.

fsbmm Friendster now in Bahasa Malaysia

But, yes, im not going to use Bahasa Malaysia for my Friendster. Im still preferred to use English since my English is a bit sucks. Yes, sucks!

Lol. Now that is the reason why there’s a huge change on Friendster Linker last week. They not just change and added new language, they also filtered/altered the XSS hole codes. Urgghhh!!

And, yes. That is my new Friendster account. I only accept people that i know only for the Friends Request. ^^


  1. Dante-San

    yeah.I would rather English than the long ‘baku’ malay.=/

    Dante-Sans last blog post..Paramore

  2. syuxx

    ahha! same here.
    but i have no problem with baku malay.
    hehe. But it just kinda suck using fs with malay language since ive been familiar with english version one.


  3. KNizam

    facebook coming soon in bm kot. hehe :)

    KNizams last blog post..Jalan2 Cari Makan kat Batu Pahat, Johor via Batu Pahat Blog [at] batupahat[dot]org ! Hehe :)

  4. syuxx

    maybe kot. since facebook pun dah byk user dari malaysia.
    tapi aku xda account facebook. tumggu lah dah 18years old nanti.
    malas aiyh nak fake2 umor ni. hehe

  5. shandye

    tapi walau macam manapun haku tetap rasa macam klakar every time aku log in masuk dan tekan pilih option bahasa malaysia. ntah. rasa smacam. hehe…

    eiyh… pindahla ke facebook… layan dowh…

    shandyes last blog post..panggilan telefon, ayam goreng dan membunuh burung pura-pura…

  6. syuxx

    yup2. samalah. lol.
    macam yg syarifah amani kata, aku tuka kepada:

    I feel stupid when using malay language in fs


  7. razifmustapha

    mcm kelakar je FS dalam melayu.. Alatan Saya, Saya Peminat Kepada…. Kawan sekolah…hahahah.

    razifmustaphas last blog post..Bangunan Cahaya Refleksi

  8. saffa

    I’m still going to stick with english version.. janggal plak nak pakai BM nyer..

    saffas last blog post..Untitled

  9. Izzudin

    everything is translating to malay now.. dunno why… maybe malays can’t understand english… or maybe to martabatkan bahasa melayu… very odd when firefox, wordpress, friendster and so on in malay… odd… but at least that will make people around the world recognize malay language..

    Izzudins last blog post...liputanperjumpaan guamedia di port dickson*

  10. afif

    OMG..i would never open fs with the baku malay..well not really familiar..

    afifs last blog post..Narnia + Indiana Jones at KL.What a BLAST!

  11. Alia

    i’m more to english. its sounds strange, friendster in malay, kawan’ster? OMG
    but at least, its not sounds stupid, right?

    Alias last blog post..Tagged: for the second times. [i'm not famous enough?]

  12. kawan'ster

    OMG LMAO.. thats the best thing to say about BM in fs.. wakakaka! KAWAN’STER

    kawan’sters last blog post..Gamers here comes Acer Aspire Predator

  13. syuxx

    haha. totally rofl lmao.

  14. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

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