Friendster Add as friend link alternative

G3c74999 Friendster Add as friend link alternative

I haven’t talk about Friendster Tweaking for such a long time. So, today i’ll bring with you some friendster hack. If you had ever working with an overlay profile or js crossover friendster layout, you might notice that you can add the “Add me as Friend” button link.

I notice this when working with hide all boxes except media box hide code. The link cant be added because Friendster had protected it with authention code. The auth code work as an id for people add a profile as a friend. And yeah, it might sound frustrating right because people cant add you as their friend in Friendster. But dont worry, i have found a solution for this.

w2b74998 Friendster Add as friend link alternative

First, log on into your Friendster account. Then, look at the top bar below you browser Navigation Toolbar. You will see a search form powered by google. But we are not into googling right now. So, switch the search bar to Friendster mode just like the photo below. You will see a dropdown menu.

VqU75508 Friendster Add as friend link alternative

So, here how this Friendster link hack work. First, enter either your fullname on you profile or your e-mail address to the Friendster Search Box. But i am highly advised you to put only your name since you hate spammers too right?  Then hit enter.

After that, you will get something like the picture below. This search results page showed three link to the profile which is goes to you Friendster Message, Add as Friend and Bookmark the Friendster profile.

wcz76004 Friendster Add as friend link alternative

Now, to make sure people can add you as friend eventhough you have use Friendster overlay layout or crossover friendster profile layout, they still can adding you as friend by referring them to this page. All you have to do is copy the URL link and hyperlink it to your Friendster Layout.

Oh, here is the new friendster css linker (updated July 10, 2008) for your Friendster profile tweaking. make sure you register first to accesed the generator.


  1. aman

    huhu..nice tips.. :D

    amans last blog post..Bangunkan Enjin Carian Anda Sendiri Menggunakan BOSS

  2. syuxx

    haha. no problems.
    thx for visiting dude!

  3. saffa

    *thumb up*
    p/s: I hate FS.. haha.. so lame~ but i do have FS account. LOL

  4. syuxx

    Hehe. I dont use friendster as social website already.
    im just sticking in modding and making the layout.
    hey, i love friendster XSS hole. It’s adventorous to hack it. lmao.

  5. deennasour

    kau mmg hebat!!

  6. Extremist Thinker

    skang kita orang lepak kat
    huhu. jom cucuk worm guna xss. gurau je…

  7. syuxx

    haha. xda lah hebat gney2 pun bro eyh.
    macam biasa saja.

    haha. jom2 kita main XSS !!

  8. mrFlare

    About the external css,does moz-bind still works on firefox?
    I’m thinking of hosting some nasty scripts.

  9. syuxx

    moz-bind? it is js external script wasnt it?
    it may work, just get the js linker.
    what so nasty? hacking? spamming?

  10. titan

    aku tau bende nih. tapi macam2 website yg ada function ni. biarla..janji tak kaco aku..

  11. nabila


  12. MegoDooche

    Very nice!!

  13. Hacks mafiaboy

    hey syuxx arn’t u that b.i.t.c.h.lmao guy on fs… im into [email protected]<ing to u know…

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