January new theme

janblogtheme January new theme

Ohyeah. I just finished editing my new blog theme. A massive change on theme has been made. I’ve change from 3 column blog to 2 column blog. Why? aiyaa, i already saw a lot of people doing this already. people love it to be more simple and simple for the theme. so am i too. Actually, all i wanna do is to minimize the use of ADS in this blog since i am one of Nuffnang Gliterrati. You only can see google adsense and nuffnang ads only here. This also will boost up the time for this blog to load. Actually the main reason is, I EASY GET BORED WITH THEME ! So, i made a new one. Ekekek. :P

This theme was actually inspired from my late friendster layout which i also apply it on my myspace profile as the main layout below. I thought that it look really cool with the white background, so i try to edit it.

fsandms January new theme

I using a theme called paintbrush-10 from Antbag free wordpress theme.

paintbrush demo January new theme

It look lame, so i edit some of the graphic, polish up the css file, and manage to fuked up with the php codes. Ohyeah i manage to do it. But hey,when i check back to the validator, there’s a lot of error in my html and css code. damn it. Hahaha. Just leave it. Because actually i dont know how to fix it. :(

html valid January new theme

cssvalid January new theme

Ekekeeke. And hey agaian, there’s another problem with that comment form as you can see. It is too large right?

commlong January new theme

And i dont know how to fix it too. DAMN NOOB!! someone help me please. Esp those WPtheme PRO! come’on, help this noob.

Ehehehe. just drop comment okeyh! :)


  1. Qubezo

    Well, nice one on your theme. It just your blog is a bit jumpy whenever I scroll. Yeah, thanks for commenting! Haha! Lotsa Chinese slangs here and there though. Well about your problem right, I’m really sorry that I couldn’t help you lol. I’m really noob in editing WP. I never attempt to customize any, too bad la then. I think your blog will look better if you use a gradient background.

  2. deennasour

    eh syuxx!!
    wah setayel lah syuxx!!
    semua u apply theme yg samoo oh,,
    erm,,tapi kan ok lagi kalau 3 column oh,,
    wah syuxx,,ko delete aku kat myspace kah?

  3. syuxx

    ahaha. iono what is the problem. ekeke
    actually, this theme look suck in Internet Explorer. So, use firefox okeyh!
    ekeke. im noob too.
    okeyh², i try then.

    ekekeke. satu jiwa bah.
    uits, ya ms baru aku lah.
    sik nangga frens maseh ciput gik ya.
    yg lamak kenak hack. cibai bena.~

  4. Qubezo

    Nah, I’m using FF though. But it’s still jumpy. I guess it’s because of your Feedack icon. But it’s really cool when I can actually click on it when the page is folded ;D Nice one.

  5. syuxx

    umm, i dont really know lah wuts the problem.
    i guees there must be something error the my php file.
    i guess so,. because a lot of unvalidate code inside it.
    ekeke. i have make tutorial for that.
    check it out on my lastest post.


  6. deennasour

    duhal kenak hacked..
    tak tau saya~
    add ku eh,
    [email protected]

  7. Qubezo

    Yeah, I’ve added you too in my Yahoo Messenger too. You seem not to online. Yah, perhaps la. Or it’s just my lame assumption. You have such a cool high tech plugin though. Unlike mine.. I still have to work harder for the eye candies ;) Do comment my blog too yah? XD Nice tutorial, thanks anyway.

  8. Qubezo

    I need a shoutbox for my blog.

  9. syuxx

    okiyh². added

    eheheh. im always invisible lah.
    actually, i dont really ym-ing or chatting person.
    i only chat wif cute gerls. lol
    just pm me thru ym if you wanna ask something.
    if got time i’ll reply it.

    ohh, and for shoutbox.,
    you can choose etheir to use chatbox.ws or shoutmix.com
    just paste it on the widget of your theme.

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