How to enable back the post button in wordpress

So, referring to my previous post i have recently problem with the wordpress write post text area. Where the write post button things did not appeared like normal. I manage to get it back. But it did not turn backnormally. By the way, if you have experienced the same problem with me, you can use this method.

First, click on the user button at your wordpress dashboard. It is next to plugins button. Then, click on your user name. After that, unchecked the “use the visual editor when writing” as the picture below:

problem solve How to enable back the post button in wordpress

But yeah, it only disabled the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you got) function. It is the same as the HTML function. You still can use this method if you have familiarity in writing with codes. So deal with it. I still can’t find any other way to solve this wordpress write post problem. Is there any such wordpress plugins for this? Send some comment please.


  1. Blog2Life

    It might be worth re-installing your blog software.. or have you checked that some of the plug-in are not interfering with the post software I did have the problem once.

    Another thing might be worth trying is clearing your cache.

    Hope you fix it :D

  2. xero

    yah.. check plugin thingy.. the function still there but dont come out..

  3. [...] solved. If you have followed my 2 previous post regarding this wordpress write post problem and my alternative solution for wordpress write post function problem, there is much more easier way to do it and yet does not have anything related to wordpress core [...]

  4. syuxx

    @everyone. The problem is solve. It just my browser problem. You can read it here:

    how silly is that i have reformatted the wp folder. Haha

  5. am

    yes.. wp selalu ada masalah camni.. kadang am dah login.. tapi bila nak komen still kena masukkan nama dan email.. so masalah ni berkaitan dengan firefox dan cache file..

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  7. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

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