Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

Did you know how to make your theme editable from the dashboard? Or you still not getting what DASHBOARD is?

thisdash Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

This is what we call your wordpress dashboard. Now, go the presentation tab, and click theme editor. Are you suffering the same problem like below picture?

suffer Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

Hahaha. If you got the same things like above picture, now let fix it! we gonna make it EDITABLE! Why do we need to make it editable? Well, this might be help you in fixing minor change in your blog theme. You also can apply this technique to your plugins folder. Let’s start now.

First, open your FTP software such as filezilla or cuteftp (in this tutorial, i am using filezilla). Sign in to your account and go to wp-content folder. Open it and search for themes folder.

themseeasd Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

Okey after you have found your themes folder, right click it. Then click the file atrributes.

fileatt Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

Now, we gonna set the chmod number to make the theme editable from your Dashboard. If you still wonder what is CHMOD, then you can read the tutorial by catcode here. No, dont worry. This tutorial will not messy up your blog bro. We just gonna change the file permissions to make it editable from wp dashboard.

After you have click the file atrributes, a new window will pop-out. Now, all you have to do is, change the NUmeric Value to 777. It is the chmod number that the file in the folder to be editable. Oh, dont forget also to tick the “ReCurse into SubDirectories” and click “apply to all files and directory”. This will make all the themes inside the folder to be editable. Finally click OK and your FTP proggrame will do the rest for you.

setsnum Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

After you have apply all those technique, you will have this in you presentation->theme editor:

ohyes Edit your WP theme from your dashboard

Now, you can update your themes file from your internet BROWSER and doesnt need to open the FTP sofware to make it. Hahaha!! laughing as fuking loud if you can DONE this tutorial. Lol.

mir02 Edit your WP theme from your dashboard


  1. Dante-San

    thought it can edit throught dashboard.
    I rather edit it with dreamweaver.dun know why

  2. amir

    nice. ^_^

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  5. Nakedgeek

    Thanks to geeky people like you, i can also be someone geeky like you.

    I am a novice poised for a successful wp mission. Thanks again.

  6. Mitch

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brigthneed my day!

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