Easy way to get some traffics using PTC

easy traffics using ptc sit Easy way to get some traffics using PTC

Getting a traffic to your blog is not an easy thing to do. There are many steps that you need to follow to optimize your blog in order to get some unique visitor to your site. Well, a blog is useless without anyone visit and read it right? So, what is the best way to get some traffics for your blog? You may have tried many technique but none of it work? Well, you also can try to use PTC program to get some instant traffics to your blog.

PTC which meant Paid To Click is a cool program that bring benefits to both advertisers and consumer. How does PTC program work? Well, PTC program is held on one PTC website that became as the middleman for the advertiser and consumers. The advertisers paid to display their ads and consumers will earn some money for clicking it. A cool technique to improve your page impression & traffics.

Actually, I am new to this kind of PTC traffics technique. Just tried it yesterday. I register an Advertiser account at LinkGrand which cost me $5 for 1000 unique visitors. Registration is so easy. Go to LinkGrand Homepage and register to the form below:

register ptc traffics Easy way to get some traffics using PTC

Register at LinkGrand and choose how many traffics you want to your sites and some other. The prices is vary depends on how much traffics you want from this PTC traffics site. You also can select other option such as special features for the PTC ads link.  And then, you can make the payment through paypal. I recommend you to choose the 1000 traffics first and see how the results look like.

After you make the payment, just activate the link given in your e-mail and your site will be added to the PTC site homepage for people to click instantly. Here’s the traffics that I got yesterday for my RockMyTune – Music Video Blog using PTC site:

ptc traffics i got Easy way to get some traffics using PTC

Well, I just got half of the traffics that I pay. I don’t know why. But I have make a mistake by entering a short title in it. I suppose to write more in the title, and choose specific page instead of the homepage to be click and viewed by the PTC user. But atleast I do get the traffics from this PTC traffics technique.

If you don’t want to be an advertiser, you also can register as a normal user at LinkGrand and earn some money by visiting and clicking other people ads. LinkGrand has been proved as one of the non-scam PTC website. So, you don’t have to worry because the do pay you. So, register now an account at LinkGrand and choose whether you want to advertise your site there or earn money as a user there.They pay you through PayPal.

Yeah, I am trying a various technique to get blog traffics to my RockMyTune blog instead of just depending on SEO technique. I hope that all those technique will work.


  1. zool

    memang tinggi trafik tu..
    Tapi konsisten tak???
    Kalau 2-3 hari je payah le

  2. syuxx

    it is not consistent since we buy it for some amount of traffics.
    kalau nak sampai 2-3 days kena invest more money lah.

  3. eSempoi.com

    hurm…banyak pakai duit tak?

  4. Sweet Thinker

    nie user dari mane? NN nk user dari dot.my gak kan?

  5. shaxx

    banyak tu duit ko buat advertisement…. caya lah!

  6. syuxx

    it’s depends on how much traffics you want.
    more traffics, so more money need to be invest.

    @sweet thinker
    the user are coming from various country.
    a’aa, NN memang hanya nak target site yang ada most of malaysian visitor.
    but this technique is great to boost up your alexa rank.

    just trying a various way to get traffics bro. hehe

  7. chuckiesd

    Baper lamer ianya bertahan..katerkan ambik 1000hits, baper lame tu dapat 1000 hits..sehari jer ker ? apply tu malay site tak?

  8. syuxx

    yups, just for one day or wait until all the 1000 hits complete.
    malay site? Boleh kot. Since it just adding more traffics hits to your website.

  9. chuckiesd

    just one day yer…ermmm..kene fikir baik sblm membeli..takder yg free ker ? hehehe aku ni madang yg free jer…

  10. syuxx

    Free? kalau free gunalah teknik tarik traffics yang lain.
    this one is the paid one since it have the instant results.

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  12. chuckiesd

    syuxx..kalau kiter hits 1000 per days..agak2 ader efek tak kat nuffnang? maksid..ader income lebih tak untuk hari tu?

  13. kusu

    did u get the another 500 viewers???
    btw,its cool!haha..
    simple step to increase your rank..:D

  14. syuxx

    I dont think so it will affecting nuffnang since most of the traffics you get is from the overseas (nuffnang just love local traffics). But if you were about to improve your alexa rank, it is yes!

    no, i didnt get them back. It is normal for a ptc program. Since not everyone that click will click back the content in your site. So, it is still important for you to have a good content too in your blog so they will READ it.

  15. titan

    dulu rajin gak aku wat cara nih. tapi dah malas rasanya. main seo lagi best. hehe..

  16. izz

    mahalnyer.. tak mampu.. lalala~

  17. kak rose

    aduh dik, mahainyeerrrr

  18. cencorot_91

    aku dah try da..
    byr 5usd, dapat 1000 pageview, tapi aku dapat generate 0.63usd je dari adsense.
    tapi seronok gak cara ni..

  19. syuxx

    yes, SEO is still the best technique. It is free and powerful! SEO still rules. Haha XD

    hehe. Yeah, it is a bit expensive.

    @kak rose
    It do expensive. But the results also worth with what you’ve paid

    I dont think that PTC will affected adsense. You also forbided from using PTC for adsense. But for Alexa Rank, it do!

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  21. AsSpher

    SEO is the best one!!

  22. Is this traffic came from human? or just robot or some kind of traffic exchange?

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