Earn great prizes just at Earncent

earn great prizes just Earn great prizes just at Earncent

Yeah, after this Hari Raya Celebration a lot of contest has been held where you can earn great prizes just in this virtual world. Titan from Earncent also did not missed to give out you some great prizes just at his blog. The contest is really easy. So, you might not missed this chance wasn’t it? This contest of earning great prizes just at Earncent blog.

To participate this contest, all you have to do is this following task:

  1. Subscribe Earncent blog
  2. Subscribe Rajapayloadz blog
  3. Follow titan Twitter
  4. Give a comment in Earncent blog
  5. And of course, make a review about this contest

You will earn a spesific point for every each of the task below that you have finished. Oke, there’s also a lot of prizes waiting for you. Not just for the top winner, but also until the top 10 contestents. There’s still more space for you to fit in this contest to earn great prizes just by following this blog contest. Well, you can read more and follow it’s term & conditions to win this contest in Titan blog  → Earn great prizes just at Earncent !

What is the benefits of doing a blog contest??

Of course, for the sake of blog traffics & SEO. Did you notice that a lot of people will visit a blog or website if there is a blogger that make a contest to earn great prizes just by commenting, make a blog review or even simple subscribe RSS Feed. The type of prizes wasn’t really affected the contest since people just love to win and get free stuff wasn’t it?

Apart from getting a lot of blog traffics and backlinks from other blog, people that earn great prizes just by participating your contest also can make a good blogging relationship with you too. Or even better you also can get your new sexy girlfriends JV partners for your products. So, it is really worth for you to make a contest in your blog and also participating the blog contest held by others.

So, lets earn great prizes just by participating contest everyone !! No more heroes desperate struggle just to earn some money in the internet. Just earn great prizes with contest !

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  1. KNizam

    aku tak pernah buat contest
    nanti la satu hari aku buat… hehe :)

  2. titan

    hehe. aku suka review ko. Tak ramai wat review dalam english nih. Thanks aa. :)

    Ada 2-3 job baru untuk tambahkan point korang. Nanti aku update contest. Hehe..

  3. syuxx

    Yeah, neither me too. I also had never make any contest yet in my blog. Maybe consider to make one too soon. Top commenters contest maybe? Hehe

    Haha. No problem dude. Oh, I wait for other things that may give me a point for this contest. Good Luck with this!

  4. cyza

    Hish,….aku pun belum buat review nie…bila lah nak buat…

  5. syuxx

    do it faster dude. hehe

  6. appleblogger

    you did a review. :)

    So, you earn some points. hoho :)

  7. A.S.

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