Custom Friendster Layout

Hehehe. Mostly, many of us have friendster profile right? the most thing that i love the most to do at friendster is making the profile layout. So, here is some of my artwork. I love to make a clean, fast load and casual look friendster profile. Ohyess this is not an overlay or cross-over profile. This is just the normal css code for it. If you know how to coding it, then you can turn this layout into crossover profile. it is really easy actually. Just need your time to find the code and the linker. But actually, i dont really do that because friendster always filter those overlay/cross-over profiles code and it always deiving me NUTS!

So, how to use the below layout? It is easy actually. There’s two way you can do that.

First, if you are using FireFox, you can right-click the download button and select open new tab. Then copy the code and paste it at the “customize Css” box at the Customize edit skin area. Or second, you can download the code by right-clicking on it and click “save taget as“. Then open it with notepad, copy and paste the code on the Css Customize sections.

Okeyh, here is the layout:

1. DarkGrey

darkgrey Custom Friendster Layout

download l preview demo

2. PinkBlack

pinkblack Custom Friendster Layout

download l preview demo

3. GreenIjo

greenijo Custom Friendster Layout

download l preview

4. FleweringWhite

fleweringwhite Custom Friendster Layout

download l preview

5. ChocoChain

chocochain Custom Friendster Layout

download l preview

Okeyh, enough for today. If you aprreciate my work, kindly please put this userbar on the bottom of your media section.

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  1. deennasour

    yo my man,,
    clean and clear,,smart

  2. elliv

    nice layout… nang berbakat jadi designer..

  3. deennasour

    kita duak pun berbakat juak elliv,,,hehe,,sik mok kalah eh,,
    org sarawak bah,,

  4. rafaiz

    keje wat layout plak ke??
    nice layout..

  5. deennasour

    biasalah,,org nih,,kreatip bah~
    go go syuxx

  6. syuxx

    well, orang setyel. ekeke. up dirik mpun

    yah3. insyAllah soon to be. =)

    ngee~aktiviti masa lapang. nothing to do and getting bored. =(

  7. deennasour

    huhu~ up sikit~
    suka nengok hijoo itoo~

  8. bLurr

    uits salam..
    slain web h1 ripway ya, da gk ka pakei polah css??
    mun edit kedirik sikda nya pun review bah..

  9. syuxx

    bagi beginner, aku syorkan guna ripway.
    nya user friendly & ringan load time.
    preview? Eleh, install jak code ya dolok.
    edit dari ripway. refresh2 jak profile ya.

  10. fifian_lee

    i find this new friendster layout site , i think its kinda unique cos the content is exclusive and made by the is and
    check it out , i got emo, girly and twilight friendster layout there

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