Create Your Own WordPress Community With This Plugin!

wordpress community plugin Create Your Own Wordpress Community With This Plugin!

Today, I was browsing around CodeCanyon looking around for some awesome script and code snippets to be buy. In case you don’t know, CodeCanyon is a script and code snippets marketplace. It really useful for webmasters and web developers. Back to the topic, I found this awesome wordpress plugin called “WordPress Community Links” which created by Garyc40.

It is such an awesome plugin that automatically turned the normal wordpress blog into a community links blog just like Digg and other bookmarking website. You can watch how easy it is to use this plugin from the demo video below:

This wordpress plugin cost for $32, but if you have prepaid pay in your CodeCanyon, you can have $2 discount over it. Take a look at the live demo of this script here.

I ain’t get paid any single cents for writing this. But here are some of the functions that I really love from this plugin:

  • It have auto connects with Facebook account. So, the user doesn’t have to fill any registrations form before they can submit a link.
  • This plugin too, seems like work perfectly on most wordpress theme. Although some minor coding are needed to make sure it work perfectly, but I think everyone with basic HTML knowledge can do.
  • The price is so crazy! Seriously there are a lot of crappy wordpress plugin out there that cost more but doesn’t work properly.
  • The support is just so awesome. Checkout the comments section and watch how this plugin’s creators help support.

Well, it pretty useful to buy this plugin if you wanted to created a community website or social bookmarking website. Checkout “WordPress Community Links” plugin if you’re interested to create this such of website.


  1. alb3rt1

    Nice plugin but I think it cost a lot for a single plugin… I suggest you to take a look at you will find an incredible pack filled with plugins and themes for all the circumstances.

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  3. Jaycee

    ow that’s awesome a guarantee free on how plugins works

    this article is nice and saves you a lot of money ahhaha

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