Create you own external file

480 Create you own external file

For better understanding on How to Hide Friendster Profile, i recommended you to visit: I have compiled a tutorial speacial for this How to Hide Friendster Boxes on your profile. Take a visit:

Hallo! What’s going on people? Hehe. It has been a long time since i didnt make any tutorial on Friendster Customization. If you refer to my previous post on Friendster category, there’s also a lot of comment that i didnt reply. Most of them asking for the new working linker. I’ll give you the new css/js linker at the end of this post.

Well, today i want t make a tutorial on “How to create your own external file”. This part is really important especially for the newbies. Most of them still dont know how to make the external file and that currently makes them failed. If you still cant create your own external file, dont dream of making or tweaking your friendster profile to the hottest layout ever. Start from the roots please. Learn the basic thingy first. Heh

Wanna tweak your Friendster profile? It’s best to register a host site which allow you to upload HTML codes. It’s very convenient and make everything simple for you. Where to register a free host site? I suggest Ripway will be good enough for you. Ripway for me is really good & user friendly. If you think ripway doesnt suit with you, then use other. Dont ask me. Google it by yourself.

Step 1:- Creating A Subfolder

First, register yourself an account in Ripway. Dont tell me again that you dont know how to register an account. That’s damn noob. It doesnt really takes time to register there. So, you have an account already? In your Ripway, click on My Files, and create a new subfolder by rename the Folder Name as friendster.

rip1 Create you own external file

After clicking Create Subfolder, now enter to your friendster folder, and it should have URL like:

Step 2:- Creating your css or js file

To create your css or js file, click at create text file as shown. Let say, we want to create two files which is one for css and another one is for js. (fyi, css meant: Cascading Style Sheets & js is: javascript).
rip2 Create you own external file

In your File Name, name your first file external.css, and name the second file external.js (leave the text area blank) and click save. Now your folder should have 2 files with it’s own link like the image below:-
rip3 Create you own external file

Step 3:- Added some juice to your file

Now, all you have there is just a blank file with their own extensions. Oke, now let’s add some juice to it. For beginner, let’s learn CSS-ing first. Remember the post about “the friendster hide codes” ? Well, we gonna use that for the beginner.

The file that we want to use is the external.css. Remeber that, the external.css, not external.js. Click edit text. You’ll see a blank box there where we gonna put all the juicy css codes. Let say, we gonna make a center and hiding comments, friends and so on. Copy the code below:-

/* Hide the headers of all box */
.commonbox h1, .commonbox h2 {display:none!important;}
/* Testimonial & Comments */
.publiccomments {display:none!important;}
/* Groups */
.groups {display:none!important;}
/* Photo Gallery */
.photos {display:none!important;}
/* Hide the spacer */
#shimrow {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Navigation Language */
#navLang { display: none ! important }
/* Hide About me paragraph in control panel*/
.controlpanel p {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Recent Updates */
.user_tracker {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Google Search */
#search form { display : none !important; }
/* Hide Friendster Classifieds */
#marketing {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Footer */
#footer_container {display:none!important;}
/* Hide friendster logo */
#logo {display:none!important;}
/* Hide sidebar google ads*/
#content_14 {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Messages | Setting | Help | Log out*/
#subnav {display:none!important;}
/* Hide How you are connected box */
#content_15 {display:none!important;}
/* Hide White bar under navigation */
#marketing_bg {display:none!important;}
/* Hide the Home | My Profile | My Connections*/
#mainnav {display:none!important;}
/* Hide hide the divider */
#navdivider {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Classifieds | Jobs | */
.secondary_links {display:none!important;}
/* Hide your featured friends photos */
#content_2 .flogriditem {display:none!important;}
/* Hide banner ads on top */
.banner_ad_fix {display:none!important;}
/* Hide Group updates */
#content_8 .data {display:none!important;}
/* Reviews */
.reviews {display:none!important;}
/* Blogs */
.blogs {display:none!important;}
/* How You're Connected*/
.meettrail {display:none!important;}
/* Featured Friends */
.friends {display:none!important;}
/* Fan Of */
.fanof {display:none!important;}
/* Google Ads */
#content_14 {display:none!important;

Then paste it to the blank box. Hit save changes. Then, copy the external.css link. Refer to the previous step for the url link. It must be something like:-

Step 4:- Added the linker

Oke. Now you have the file, you have the URL and the only things left is the linker! what’s linker? Linker is a hack code by The Cradleâ„¢ for making a cross-browser. Leave that crap if didnt understand it. Just get the linker oke. First, register yourself to: because you need to a member to access the linker generator. After you have been approved, then go to this thread. Click access generator and follow the other instructions.

Have a good luck!!

If you want to find more codes and script goodies, feel free to browse through They have a lot there and if you need some help, they willing to help too. Credit to -Fire Unicorn- for this tutorial.

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