COUPLE – Top Of the POP !

album cover COUPLE   Top Of the POP !

*COUPLE-Top Of the POP album cover

One of the few true blue power pop bands in the region, Couple has been plying its trade for about 12 years now, dedicating itself to remind people of the virtues and magic of ’the song’, and the power of the pop!! COUPLE were formed 12 years ago, in 1995, and have since recorded and released 5 demo tapes/CD-Rs and have amassed a reasonable amount of fans simply through word-of-mouth and through positive reviews and articles in mainstream publications and newspapers in Malaysia like The Star, The Malay Mail, The Sun, Klue magazine, TONE magazine, ROTTW magazine and others.

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*One of Couple music video clips “Now that I can See”

Relying solely, and foolishly, on the dodgy songcraft of their dodgy and lame frontman, Aidil, Couple has continued to defy the odds as none of them can play their instruments competently to save their lives, hoping to inspire similarly incompetent kids to just form their own bands and stick it to the Man!!

39388856 l COUPLE   Top Of the POP !

COUPLE live shows are textbook examples of the triumph of substance over style, if you call professional musicianship ‘style’, that is. Sloppy and loud, with more than a touch of toilet humor in COUPLE lame crowd banter (if we’re up for it!!), their live shows will never fail to make you wet your pants with laughter and icky stuff. Yes, they’re THAT good and THAT bad!!

couple   top of the pop by MyPap3rH3art COUPLE   Top Of the POP !

You can download their album preview below. But remember, this is just for review purpose only. If you statisfied with it, go to the store and buy the Original. Support our music industry. Download at your own risk. I wont take any responsible if their is any damage acurs on your system while downloading this.

dn2 COUPLE   Top Of the POP !

*password is: “syuxx“(i do this so there’s no link stealer.)

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Actually there’s another version of the album, whish is Japan version. You can buy it online with special price at

japan cover COUPLE   Top Of the POP !

Songs List

1. Now That I Can See
2. Rock N Roll
3. Tentang Kita
4. Gotta Be My Gurl
5. Turning Melancholy To Magic
6. It Don’t Mean Much
7. Say Hi
8. Come Back Again
9. Maybe
10. You Don’t Have To Be So Nice
11. Are You Ready?
12. Stars So Bright (Japan Bonus Track)
13. Forever (Japan Bonus Track)
14. My Beautiful One (Demo)
15. First Joy Of The Day (Demo), The

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  1. elliv

    now that i can see.. aku suka lagu ya..

  2. syuxx

    lagu ya lah yg buat aku fall in love with band COUPLE !!

  3. asha

    cney nak dload lagu cdak owh???

  4. syuxx

    aiyaa~ kan ada link utk donlod fulla lbum ya kat sia.
    tekan jak..

  5. cromer

    but the link already broken…but i have heard the song name now that i can see…cool…

  6. syuxx

    eyh, btol ka?
    umm, tpaksa upload yg baru lah ni.
    dem yew divshare.
    mmg sengaja rosakkan link.


  7. melo

    like all ur songs

  8. heart independent

    COUPLE!!!i love ur songs n u guys soooo much,hopely u guys still dpt brtahan dlm music underground…caya ar^_^

  9. shah

    hey ..

    blh x tlg bg tab atopn chords untuk sume lagu couple…

    pls help me ..aku nak jamming lagu dorang….solo skali ok ..???

  10. helmie.

    oh2. lama sudah carik lagu nyeh. eyp! link suda rosak? tada link baru? mediashare la. :))

  11. helmie.

    silap2. mediafire

  12. syuxx

    awhh. gud to hear

    sorry lah. aku takda chord dia. main gitar pun xtau. lol

    aku dah letak link br lagi dah

  13. public enemy

    pape ar dorunk nie,..
    link tu xleh pkai psL..
    pastu korunk pi pkai rapidshare nape..
    pkai la mediashare..
    wat aku begang la..
    aku nk jamming lgu nie pon susah..

  14. StuckS

    come back again rulezz!!
    buwahahah :twisted:

  15. StuckS

    come back again rulezz!!
    buwahahah :twisted:

    StuckSs last blog post..Firefox 3 Guinness World Record

  16. syuxx

    ya3, couple mmg HOT!

  17. faat

    aku baru je buat 5 akaun rapidshare. korang kongsi kongsi la ye. tapi jangan ubah password dengan email skali. sebab orang lain pon nak pakai gak.. (if u disagree, maka jangan download file ni!!!)

    amal jariah je ni..

  18. dodi

    hi, boleh x saya nak minta gitar codes untuk lagu takkan melupakanmu from couple?

  19. canis

    song korang mmg gempak glerr….

  20. canis

    come back again….now that i can see…best gler lagu tu…

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