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free screen recorder softwa CamStudio   Free Screen Recording Software

Have you facing any trouble in looking for best screen recording software for your project or tutorial? Well, I also have facing that problem. There’s a lot of screen recorder in the net right now whether the free one or the paid one (which also cost you hundreds dollar). Of course there’s a FREE one, but a lot of them keeping their watermark on your video until you upgrade to the paid one. Not cool right? And for the paid one like Camtasia, it really cost high for an average joe like me. So, I have an alternative for this.

Remember my old post about “How to download songs from myspace without any software“? I have make a video tutorial for that post. I was trying to use Camtasia for that video, but things go miserable since my camtasia is the cracked version one. So, I browse along youtube and looking at other people video tutorial perhaps they include the name of software they use. Guess, what i found the best one. The best free screen recording software ever !!

camstudio screen recording CamStudio   Free Screen Recording Software

The software called CamStudio (Camtasia?? Camstudio?? lmao). Yeah, it is free and have a lot of function to be used for a better screen recording for your web tutorial or any project that need you to capture a video of things you do on computer. It also come with settings that can make your video compatible with youtube in better version. Mine was sucks in youtube since I didn’t adjust the settings. You can browse on youtube for the tutorial. There’s a lot of them already.

Well, why not try it for yourself. Just keep it if you not use it. Since who know you will need them soon. Get your free screen recording software here → CamStudio.

Here’s some video tutorial on how to use camstudio that i’ve found in Youtube:

See, the video quality are really good although you were not viewing it in high quality mode. Eh, how suppose he record using camstudio if he’s using it for tutorial? It must be Camtasia. Well, Camtasia still rock out for video capturing & editing! Haha. But atleast this cool screen recording software is FREE!


  1. RajaOtai

    There’s also one called Freez Screen Capture… It’s free to… they also got some other bunch of cool freewares

  2. syuxx

    Umm, do that one leave a watermark with it?
    I hate that watermark actually. hehe
    Thanks for sharing btw

  3. tekong

    ala takde utk mac. huhu

  4. syuxx

    hehe. I dont use Mac. Donno about it.

  5. RajaOtai

    watermark? no… they hate it too haha

  6. Tank008

    Nice. DemoCreator is a cool screen recorder. If you don’t mind the warter mark, the trial version does worth a try.

  7. Jimmy

    Humm.. does anyone test camstudio yet.. hope to know your comment.

  8. syuxx

    yeah, i already try it. look at the video i have produce.

  9. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

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