Anti-Emo Riots Break Out

Title: Emo Song
Artist: Unknown. Whoever it is, kudos to you.

anti emo riots break out Anti Emo Riots Break Out

Lol. I found this news buzz through one of Malaysia Hardcore Music blog, Ofcourse this is one of the hottest issued in cyber world right now espcially in Myspace where every emo kids need to have one account there. Haha. Riot police protects emo’s kids? ROFL.

Riot police have taken to the streets of several cities in Mexico to … defend emo kids?

A series of attacks on dyed-hair, eye-makeup-wearing emo kids began in early March when several hundred people went on an emo-beating rampage in Querétaro, a town of 1.5 million about 160 miles north of Mexico City.

The next week, shaggy-haired emo teenagers were harassed again by punks and rockabillys in the capital, prompting police protection and a segment on the TV news. Most recently, a Mexican newspaper reported that metal heads and gangsters have warned Tijuana’s emo kids to stay away from the town’s fair next month.

But the so-called emos are organizing, too. Last week, they demonstrated against the violence, pictured above, and Wednesday some met with police in Mexico City.

Well, what’s up with the kids nowdays huh? Watch this video above. You see how fanatic the kids in Mexico to their music genres.

[youtube width="300" height="200"][/youtube]

There’s a bit misunderstood between the punkers and emos. And they start a fight just because punk claim that emo steal their music & a bit of their style? Hoho. But it is fun to watch them fighting. LMAO. But why the Riot police protects the emo kids uhh?

Granted, it’s kind of a dog bites man story, because, face it, who hasn’t wanted to smack an emo around? And for the emos, it’s really a win-win because that’s one more thing to be miserable about. Even if i have chance, i want to smack the emo kids too. Haha. And that will make them more EMO-Ko-Ko. Cheer up emo kids.

I am kinda agree too with one of the comments in

“thats what you get for destroying rock and roll. you assholes.”

Oh, that is. && that what you get. Haha. Kids playing dress up..And thinking its important. LABELS ARE FOR FOOD.
I wish to see there’s poser shuffle kids fight soon. Poser deserves to be rample to the wall. ROFL. tee-hee

mir02 Anti Emo Riots Break Out


  1. syuxx

    ohh, i must be emo by writing this. lmao.
    btw, i heart that close to camera guy hair. rofl.
    now that sounds gay. OMFG

  2. Laarni

    This entry made me giggled a bit. lol.



  3. khalil

    wtf? fight on behalf of their music genre?
    if it’s punk/emo, i’m not that surprised though.
    they need a break.

  4. syuxx

    yah. well that’s kids nowdays. over fanatic on what they are believe.
    plz lah, take music as for fun. not fight. that’s ROFL.

    btw, if you see the videos, look at 1.41 like that.
    hahaha. that punk guy using his studded belt to chase the emos. OMFG

  5. Drew

    To syuxx:

    I dont know if kids these days were much different then the kids back then, ever hear of the hippy movement? That was 30-40 years ago, and then before that was that rock-and-roll movement where everyone called songs like chuck berry and elvis presley devil music.

    But yeah, the guy at 1:41 is a joker.


  6. bigbad writer

    to drew and syuxx:
    am sorry but am a vivid writer
    i understand emotional cultures
    i have a few goth friends
    no their not fake
    but wtvrs
    hey im abt 14
    no i dont think anythong has changed
    how old are you syuxx?
    23, 32?
    i bet you mighyt have been into one of these cultures in your teen years
    i do not like it when teens are discriminated
    i remember my dad defendin me when my mom was fussin abt me bein wid a boy for over a year
    she said,i qoute”you kids these days”
    my dad said,i qoute “pls dont make fun of her.i can remember my mom saying that to me when i was about 15 because i was crazy about football players.and i remember how your mom kept insisting that kids your time(and yourself)are obessed with music.and in there days they were constintly in the masjad-i am muslim- and they do nothing of kissin and boys and music and getting famous or sort.”
    anyhu im gettin to my point.
    dont choose to differ the gold is old to the new
    we are all goin through the same thing.
    emos are cool too

  7. syuxx

    i am 16 dude. haha.
    well, yeah. no discrimination.
    we are just being capitalised by the media.
    trust what think you were into.

    yeah, teen are rebellious. everyone should remember. It is not about in which group you are.

  8. Drew

    Hehe, yeah im 21 – not an “emo” and never was, but i dont have anything against it, and just like syuxx said, teens will always rebel, even if theres nothing to rebel against.


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