Another Nuffnang Ads?

Hey, hey. Had you read my late post? that’s about my blog that need to be re-install back? I thought when i lost all my post that’s mean goggle wont show my blog on their result. But suprisingly, when i check my Nuffnang Blog anylitics, about 35 persons has visits my BLOG! WOW! that’s so impresive. Im sorry if you dont found what you have search. Blame uncle google. Ekekeke. No actually. Here’s the prove:

myany Another Nuffnang Ads?

I might wonder too, what’s the things that they are searching on my blog? So, i will “COP” those search result as “Popular Post” and i’ll re-publish it back soon so u will found it back at my blog. Pheww, at least i have backup those article at my favourite forum. hehehe. thx GOD! alhamdullillah~

key Another Nuffnang Ads?

And2, today i also got an email from nuffnang company. I got a new Ads Campaign !! oyeahh! A new ads from tailor. Hehehe, thought my first ads campaign not yet end. I think Nuffnang will cut off my earn because that 2days blackout at my blog. Hahaha. Nevermind for that. Thats will be my MOTIVATION to keep blogging. ohyeah!!

nuffads Another Nuffnang Ads?

As you can see also, i have tear off my Advertlets Ads from my page. Why i do that? because Advertlets ads make my blog loads slower than it should. Sometimes it ruins off the other widgets when i put it on the higher page. What wrong with Advertlets already? ehem3. My earning also getting smaller which the highest pay per day is 0.15RM. I rather waits an Ads Campaign from nuffnang that putting that “slow loads” advertlets ads. I hope you will fix that Josh Lim. If its load faster just like Nuffnang Ads, i’ll consider to put it back.


  1. azrin

    Read my comment about getting more for yr visitors…

    And Nuffnang Pays!

  2. deennasour

    which one is the best syuxx??
    nufftand o adverlets???
    aiiya,,josh lim ah,,
    my earning just ciput loo,,

  3. elliv

    nuffnang ad adverlets is the best from that suck google ad.. yea..yea.. i supporting you here.. sometime, adverlets doesnt popUP properly,

  4. syuxx

    okeyh2, ill read that soon. thx for visiting my blog. ekkeke

    ntah lah. mayb advert or nuff. depends on the blog juak.

    google ads suck if dont know how to use it propely. but for me, adsense is SUCKS!! earn small only. =(

  5. deennasour

    aku tak tau mana satu,,
    deennasout still voodoo~ bah,,
    but i use the adverlets jak

  6. syuxx

    different people different way lah.
    sometimes ada yg lebih to Nuff. but sometimes ada juak yg more to Adlets

  7. deennasour

    ada balu punya~

    nuffnang + adverlets = nufflets,,,jom tgk kat blog aku,,,

  8. syuxx

    kat blog aku kan dah da~

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