Ana Raffali, Malaysia big talent

Track: Tingkap Kaca (Layar Tachap Live recording)
Artist: Ana Raffali

anaraffaili Ana Raffali, Malaysia big talent

Hey! I was stumbled upon on AisyahRozi blog yesterday. And hey! I found this cute & lovely vice girl called Ana Raffali. Hey, listen to song above. OMG! I really love her voice really really much. Kinda agree to Aisyah, I want to listen to her more and more and more. Hehe.

SyamsulAriff also has made a review about her too at his blog. Hey! i am also quite agree with him. Malaysia Marie Digby! Hell yeah! Her voice kinda same with her too. Hehe. But marie digby is marie digby, this is ANA RAFFALI! Our local scene people. Hello, atleast she is much more better that those Akademi Fantasia (AF) kids.

Ana also has composed several of her own songs. You can listen to her more at her myspace and amp.channelv. Just click it. You’ll be impressed because of her wonderful talent. And, another one thing that i am notice about Ana is, she always use “Baju Kurung” will performing on stage. You must see her videos at youtube, anadcat.

Hey, why dont watch this video above. Ana Raffali duet song with Pot Amir from Radiostar. OMG! all i can say is she is a superb wonderful singer.

[youtube width="400" height="300"][/youtube]

Hey everybody, Ana also have a BLOG! Here it is: Lol. It seem like i am already stalking so much on her. Tee-hee.

mir02 Ana Raffali, Malaysia big talent


  1. syuxx

    I heart her song. Haha.
    Read my craps here too:


    huhu..sempoi je kan :)

  3. syuxx

    haha. ya ya. Ana Rafalli mmg best!
    jom promote dia. hehe

  4. Aisyah

    mana dpt live recording ni? last layar tanchap kat shah alam ke? huhu

  5. syuxx

    Hehe. Saya ambik dekat myspace dia lah.
    hehe. tak tahu lah pulak yg mana satu.

  6. ahak
    i think last layar tanchap
    better u post pasal layar tanchap
    sak orang paham gik

  7. Wm Wohler

    Hard to say. I dont see either team going the whold distance to the Super Bowl again. It’s a great time to make Superbowl bets though, the odds are really high.

  8. Joeie

    At last! Someone who understdnas! Thanks for posting!

  9. wolfer

    boring dgn makcik gedik ni…nyanyi mcm nenek xda gigi..

  10. wolfer

    dah edar kad kahwin tp masih hipo xnak mengaku tarikh kahwin..apalah. artis ni sama je.

  11. wolfer

    25 feb – mmg itulah tarikh nikahnya – ngaku jelah…xyah sembunyi2…

  12. baju korea

    Generally I don’t read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great post.

  13. sempoi

    Makcik ni tgh berdebar nak nikah tu. Dah pakai tudung tu baguslah. Tp suara pun aurat juga. Kalau berhenti nyanyi lg bagus, sebab suara ntah apa2.

  14. sempoi

    jgnlan terpedaya dgn baju kurungnya itu. Gimik je lebih.

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