syuxx Ambigram?

yah3, cool right that thing? ehehehe.
it’s actually from brother Rizuan Kejepunan. I was really curious the last time i saw his artwork for Hariz.
What is “AMBIGRAM”

“An ambigram, also sometimes known as an inversion, is a graphical figure that spells out a word not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation. The text can also consist of a few words, and the the text spelled out in the other direction or orientation is often the same, but can also be a different text.”

Well, what i can describe here is Ambigram is a “calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the selfsame set of curves.” When you turn it upside or downside, it still spell the same word. I really admire brother Rizuan work. so cool. You can easily do this when u master the to use the Adobe Illustrator sofware.

There’s several type of Ambigram such as:

  • Rotational
  • Mirror
  • Figure-ground
  • Chain
  • Space-filling
  • Fractal
  • 3-dimensional
  • Perceptual shift
  • Natural

You can read more at actually. So here, i wanna show you some other brother Rizuan artwork for the other blogger.

mohd+faiz2 Ambigram?

*Ambigram, Mohd Faiz, Rotational. Incik Sejuk beku punye.


*Ambigram untuk incek Awangpurba, Rotational.

irarox2 Ambigram?

*Ambigram for Cik Irarox, Rotational.

azrul Ambigram?

*Ambigram Azrul, rotational.

Other type of brother Rizuan ambigram artwork:

love+hate2 Ambigram?

*Ambigram Love-Hate, Mirror.

sorrow Ambigram?

*Ambigram Sorrow, Rotational.

live+and+love Ambigram?

*Ambigram Live and Love. Oscillations. You can see “love&live” writting there.

And there’s the another type of this kinda of art. It is combination of Arabic Khat. For example from brother Uncle purba.

atariten Ambigram?

uda %26 dara Ambigram?

diamante Ambigram?

you can view more of his artwork at his blog.


  1. deennasour

    can i get one,,,fuh,,ngetest2,,

  2. syuxx

    yah3 deen.
    go ngetest~

  3. stupidfox_91

    how to make it??

  4. syuxx

    ngee~ i also dont know.
    but i got some info that usually ambigram work is done using adobe illustrator.

  5. deennasour

    ciah,,,ingat nak ngetest,,
    test2 mintak org itoo kindly buat utk aku~
    apakan daya~

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