Adding ChatBOX to your Friendster

cboxfresn Adding ChatBOX to your Friendster

For better understanding on How to Hide Friendster Profile, i recommended you to visit: I have compiled a tutorial speacial for this How to Hide Friendster Boxes on your profile. Take a visit:

Wish to have your own chatbox in your profile? But dont want anonymous people post up something in there? well, use this codes to inject your own cbox to your profile. Yes, anti-poser chatbox! Which mean it will automaticly detect the user profiles name and profile URL. Cool huh? So, no more poser that keep spamming to your blog. ^^

First, signup for a CBOX acccount at CBOX.WS. After you have finish sign up for your own cbox, get the codes for it (control panel, then click “quick setup”). Copy the whole codes and paste it into your Notepad (start->run->notepad). Finish pasting the codes? Now, here is the hardest part. Hehehe. No really :p

Click this link: Then, copy the whole codes shown in the browser. Open again a new notepad & paste it (remember not to close the first one). Now we gonna edit the code.

First, you need to get your CBOX url. The one that is pointed in picture below is your cbox account link. Copy the URL (note: dont copy the above URL, copy the one you have paste onto your notepad).

cbpxcopied Adding ChatBOX to your Friendster

After you have copy the URL, go back to the Notepad that contains the codes that we have copied from the URL given before. In your notepad, press CTRL+F at your keyboard and type “PASTE YOUR CBOX URL HERE” or you can find it manually :P. Replace that “PASTE YOUR CBOX URL HERE” with the CBOX URL that you have copied before. Then save it as cbox.js. Remember yah to put “.JS” at the back of your file name. REMEBER THAT !!

Then go to to host that file. Sign up first if you dont have any account. Then upload the file that we have created. Copy the URL for the file and go to: Paste the URL at the box and click genarate. then paste the given code to the media box section in your friendster (click here). Save it and view your profile. There you are and you have the cbox in it. ^^


  1. stupidfox_91

    very very very very cool tutorial..
    i’ve put it in my friendster profile..

  2. syuxx

    ohh,. yeps.
    i saw it working in your profile. ^^

  3. dexigner

    Duds it is works, but said invalid Cbox code! What i will do? ^^

  4. dexigner

    It is ok now thnx very, may hindi pala ako nasamang code kulang,hehehe sowe ha! ^^

  5. elliv

    waa… cantek2….. js js…. singgah2… erk? addict to friendster syuxx?

  6. dab00ninie

    syuxx pa mek pun chatbox pandei elang ho??


    lepas nie boleh la aku komen2 disana :D

  8. syuxx

    yups. tgh addicted dgn js codes nektok. hahaha

    ilang? maybe sbb Friendster update ya lah. mungkin lerhh

    ohh, komen saja bro. dont hesistate. haha

  9. Charlie Anne

    Hi! I carefully followed your instructions but I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me,,in my profile I mean…please help me

  10. shaz

    eh, shoutmix code boleh gune x ganti cbox code?

  11. JR

    hello, i followed your instructions after saving the code in the media box of my profile and after viewing it no chat box showed instead the code that I pasted are showed on the media box.

  12. sheena

    hi, i also followed all the instructions given. from the notepad, the link, the url, the ripway and the cradle. but after saving the code generated on media box, it showed the script code instead. help?

  13. sheena

    hi, i also followed all the instructions given. from the cbox, notepad, the link, the url, the ripway and the cradle. but after saving the code generated on media box, it showed the script code instead. help?

  14. Supahh Ganda

    i want to have a friendster chat box now

  15. syuxx

    lol. then lets have it.

  16. JanaRM

    Jana Pendapatan Anda Dengan RM10 Sahaja.

  17. syuxx

    spam =.=

  18. midori

    hey syuxx, is it still working now? i now Friendster has already update their codes and block/filter some use of external files…

  19. ogeb__

    Submit and Clear button working properly but Refresh button is not working. Please help…

  20. junemark14

    please help me to put a chat box on my profile..i follow the instruction but it doesnt work in my profile

  21. aysa

    eow i need a chat box..

  22. yonny

    Dah coba trik ini dan berhasil untuk profile di friendster. Untuk menampilkan di friendster blog aku menemui kesulitan, dah coba masukkan di widgeds – text tapi tidak berhasil. Bisa bantu pak? Terima kasih. regards.

  23. firstjaniel

    i want to find more friends

  24. trisha

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    Enjoy Chatting, Meet new Friends…

  25. PLease I want to have my very own chat box for friendster

  26. ashley

    p add s friendster .. [email protected]

  27. cecile

    add nyo ako lets be friendsssssssssssss

  28. punk princess_016

    add nio ko sa fs!!!
    certified punk [email protected]



  29. lhan-lan

    ahhh,……..cmOon… , , i didnt get it… ><

  30. ScArLeT_

    duh ?? boring !!

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  32. yo

    “Lots of friends a lot of luck” …. visiting friends in the morning

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