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Track: Losing Melody
Artist: SkyJuiceCoffee (old)

For better understanding on How to Hide Friendster Profile, i recommended you to visit: I have compiled a tutorial speacial for this How to Hide Friendster Boxes on your profile. Take a visit:

mefsappra Add header to Friendster profile
This post is speacial dedicate to Lan Owner DGS who is asking me for the header code. Actually, i got this code preety old time ago. but nevermind. Here, i assume that you already have some basic knowledge in CSS and know how to compile the code into external CSS file okeyh. If no, then try to making your own research at or There’s a lot of tutorial about “how to make your own external CSS file”.

First, go to Create an account at there. Then make a new text file. Then, copy the code below:

/* personalize logo */
#navigation {
background-color: transparent;
margin:10px 0 0px 0;
padding:200px 0 0 0;
background-image: url( YOUR HEADER IMAGE URL);
background-position: center-center;

Copy that code and paste in the text file box. Upss, i bet you dont want the header only right? Now lets hide some section to make the header look awesome. Copy the below code to hide the navigation section:

/* Hide About me paragraph in control panel*/
.controlpanel p {display:none!important;}

/* Hide Navigation Language */
#navLang { display: none ! important }

/* Hide Google Search */
#search form { display : none !important; }

/* Hide Friendster Classifieds */
#marketing {display:none!important;}

/* Hide friendster logo */
#logo {display:none!important;}

/* Hide sidebar google ads*/
#content_14 {display:none!important;}

/* Hide Messages | Setting | Help | Log out*/
#subnav {display:none!important;}

/* Hide How you are connected box */
#content_15 {display:none!important;}

/* Hide White bar under navigation */
#marketing_bg {display:none!important;}

/* Hide the Home | My Profile | My Connections*/
#mainnav {display:none!important;}

/* Hide hide the divider */
#navdivider {display:none!important;}

/* Hide Classifieds | Jobs | */
.secondary_links {display:none!important;}

/* Hide banner ads on top */
.banner_ad_fix {display:none!important;}

Now that code will make your header look much more better without other annoying thing. All you have to do now is to save it. Make sure you name it as “header.css“. Always be remember to put the “.CSS” at the back of the file name. Click save. Now get ur CSS File link. So it will be something like

All we have to do now is get the linker for this file. View this post on “Friendster New Js/Css Linker update“. You can use this current working linker:

After have the linker, paste it on your media box section. And hit save !!
But if that code doesnt work, then always refer to the post that i have make before this.

practice is the best teacher; and experimentation is the finest technique
mir02 Add header to Friendster profile


  1. razifmustapha

    da lama aku tinggalkan bidang frenster ni semenjak menjadi wordpresser sepenuh masa. hohoh

  2. pamsong

    Wah. Didn’t know ppl still semangat friendster. =p

  3. syuxx

    hehehe. takpa lah. korang dah besar. tak payah main friendster daa. hehe :p

    yalorr, i know people already using facebook. but hell yeah, the only things that make me stick to friendster is because i love to tweaking the profile. Learn new things in coding it everything. haha.
    sound geeky uhh? ROFL

  4. helmie.

    aha! i never thought people still like tweaking the friendster. everyone keeps tweaking myspace. and sometimes the facebook. neway², thumbs up fer you!
    and just wanna ask you something. did you put the adsense in the single page too? hee. the ads appear in the middle in the post and it seems. aaa~ messy? haha! again! thumbs up fer you dude!

  5. Janelle

    wah, i can nv make sense of HTML cos i hav no talent for it!!! argh!!!

    though i’m such a computer idiot, but i manage to keep a blog going… that’s a pretty big feat alr… Lol!

    Janelle – ~*~ ~*~

  6. Cathleen

    hmmmm, can i ask u s0methin..?
    how to make a CSS using
    c0Zz i kepT reading the stePs u made & i stiLL dnt get iT.
    i wenT on then i sign-uP.
    Then i put the HIDE HOME | MY PROFILE | bLuh bLuh bLuh bLuh
    c0de @ the TEXT FiLe.
    hmmm & i dnT knw what to do nexT.. =] can u pLzz heLp me..!!??

  7. pluginbaby

    thanks for ur info.. i thought this trick dosent work anymore after fs updated their css scheme.. keep up the great postings!

  8. Aisyah

    Love this song ^^

    oh. lama dah tak buka friendster. huhu.

  9. Rjuna

    Best pulak lagu tuh, wei ko pakai plugin apa yek letak mp3 tuh

  10. Aisyah

    sorry to say this, syuxx, but you are tagged. heheh

  11. ZxxZ

    Hey, what’s the code of making the whole profile centered like urs ? Ty.

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  13. na

    hey how did you create the bunny add friend and add comment thingy on your friendster profile? its so cute i wanna make one

  14. syuxx

    i just steal it from
    then polish up using photoshop. hehe

  15. na

    then how do you get the codes to paste into the media box?

  16. syuxx

    it just some html-jumbo-mumbo. linking the image to the hyperlink. hehe. i doubt you doesnt know anything about HTML right?

  17. jhanice

    how to hide the links below yer primary photo?
    [add as friend][add comment] that

  18. syuxx

    you can use this code perhaps:

    /*Hide the add comment msg and all that ============*/
    #controlPanelButtons a, #controlPanelButtons a:link, #controlPanelButtons a:visited, #controlPanelButtons a:link,

  19. xoxo

    hey i just want to ask how to hide ur primary photo??i mean the code u gave is working but still the priamry photo is there..

  20. syuxx

    it easy, just compiled along this code to your external css file:

    .imgblock200 img{display:none!important;}

  21. seybank

    camne nat wat css file msh blur,dear. help me..x))

  22. arlan

    san pu ipepaste

  23. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

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  25. I will bookmark this, cool.

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