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Hello, welcome to this blog!

As you have come here, I know that you must be interested in knowing the history of this blog right? So let me start a brief introductions about this blog. This blog was officially founded and going online on August, 08 2008 (08.08.08 – nice number huh?).

Previously this blog has been online under the url of DFI.SPEAKERZ.NET which was sponsored by XeroXaven. Now that URL doesn’t exist anymore and so did that dude. I don’t know where he is today.

Any I guess many of you guys might be wonder, how did I came up with this blog name, which is Thumlog. Seriously, Thumlog doesn’t have any actual meaning. I’m just choosing it for the sake that it is simple and pronounceable name. It also could be a short name for “Thumb blog” or even “The Ultimate Blog” or whatever you want.

Now it had been 3 years since this blog was running online. This blog mainly focused in providing tips about tech, tutorials, blogging, internet, make money online and many more. You can take a good look at the Sitemap page to enjoy our archive posts.

Perhaps you have something to tell me, just take your time to say a simple hi to me at my contact page.