A Vain Attempt – Love Is Like Suicide

Track: I Saw Her Face
EP: Love Is Like Suicide
Artist: A Vain Attempt

vainattempt A Vain Attempt   Love Is Like Suicide

I just found this band yesterday. And yes, this band is fucking AWESOME! I started to fall in love with this band because of that “I Saw her Face” song. Listen to the player above. I doubt you may fall in love with it. Especially on the chorus part.

I saw her face, I can’t deny, That I fell in love with her

Gosh, Damn awesome. I dont really know what genre this band played. Because i am kinda confused with this two genre which is screamo & hardcore music. Because both of them need the band to scream. Hehe. But i prefer to classified this band as post-hardcore. Because they doesnt really go as hard as normal hardcore band. They have a cool dress up too. ROFL. Hey, the vocalist also can sing very well. It reminds me a bit to Secondhand Serenade. tee-hee.

[youtube width="400" height="300"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm6AIRrj2H0[/youtube]

AvA in action in the studio for their second EP release.

Hey! Downloadz Time!

Here i have several of their song for you too download it:

  1. A Vain Attempt – I cant Escape.mp3
  2. A Vain Attempt – I saw her face.mp3
  3. A Vain Attempt – Remember Your Enemy.mp3
  4. A Vain Attempt – This funeral Wasnt Meant For.mp3
  5. A Vain Attempt – Trust is A Rarity.mp3
  6. A Vain Attempt- She Was A Princess.mp3

Download at your own RISK! Delete this file after to day & buy original CD if you want to keep it <- No Really. Haha. but yeah, if you like them, why dont buy their Cd’s right? Go to their myspace for more information: www.myspace.com/avainattempt

mir02 A Vain Attempt   Love Is Like Suicide


  1. syuxx

    I know this post GAY!

  2. flisterz

    that was kinda cool. walaupun chorus die agak pelik dan repetitive heh.
    certainly gonna check them out :D

  3. syuxx

    hehe. only “i saw her face” yang repetitive lyric dia & paling sekejap. demit, that song should be extended more to 4-5minute. haha.

    check it out!

  4. Zzz


  5. emil

    i like emo peace for emo!!!

  6. emil

    joony love sharipah noi emo!!!!

  7. anas


  8. dead_kim

    ..]oh mY FUcking goSH A Vain to attempt band is so AMazing when I HEard their song I CANT Escape…OMG..

  9. dead_kim

    ,MWah Tc
    [email protected]

  10. Michael

    I love A Vain Attempt and I know them personally the guitarist is my friend!! So I know them more then anyone knows.! :D

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