7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

cool tumblr themes 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

So, did everyone fall in love with tumblr? If you are still puzzled what tumblr is, maybe “What is tumblr log” article might help you. Another thing that make tumblr cool is the themes!! There is a lot of cool themes for your tumblr out there. But choosing the one that suit you might be a trouble right? So, here it is i present you 7 cool tumblr themes for your tumblr log.

Cliché Theme

cliche tumblr theme 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

Cliché Theme is a very simple tumblr themes. A Tumblr themes with one sidebar including with your tumblr roll and a search function. It also has a sweet post header. I really love that header with pointy to the post. If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly, this tumblr themes might suit your need.

Demo / Dowload the tumblr

Tumblr Dashboard theme

dashboard tumblr theme 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

You spend your day constantly checking your Tumblr dashboard and are completely in love with it? Then, you should use this theme for your tumblr blog. It have the same design as the usual dashboard. A one column theme for your tumbl log. It also including your tumblr icon next to every tumblr post that you make. Maybe if you have a multiple contributor to your tumblr, this theme is really suitable for it.

Demo / Download the theme.

Twittr Inspird Tumblr theme

twittr inspired tuumblr the 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

Now, this is really cool. Had you ever wished to have that simple but cool twitter homepage theme? Now you can have it. It have 3 columns tumblr theme. Including the tumblr roll, search function and of course, your twitter message. All i can say is, this theme is really great. I also use this theme for my Jiwa Bebas tumblr log with some minor modification. A really sweet theme.

Demo / Download the theme.

Group Think tumblr themes

group think tumblr theme 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

A clean, professional theme for groups. Tumblr Groups are a great way for you and your colleagues to share your story with the world, fast and easy. This two columns tumblr themes work great is you need to intergrate with multiple contributors to your tumblr blog. It have a curvy corner at the top. Look great.

Demo / Download the theme.

Griddle Tumblr theme

griddle tumblr theme 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

Now, are looking for some neat 3 columns tumblr page theme? This one work great. It seems like you can fit anything in it. You can put your twitter updates, last.fm widget, flickr pages and many more you think that you should put in.

Demo / Download the theme.

Graph Paper tumblr theme

graph paper tumblr theme 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

Busy with your mathematics? Now, why don’t bring along your graph paper to your tumblr. This themes have two columns with transparent background. Every post is dividing with different alternate box. It do look great to be use as photo tumblr log theme for me.

Demo / Download the theme.

This is not a template theme

this is not a template 7 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

This is not a template theme for me is a really really awesome tumblr theme design. It have a single sidebar on the left and another sidebar at the footer. This theme also integrate with your flickr photos. The header also really really cool. The icon at the header is automatically changes with your tumblr icon. Really heart this.

Demo / Download the theme.

Oke, that’s all from me. I hope this might help you to get a great theme for your tumblr blog. There is more in future. Oh, dont forget to comment here if you has use one of the theme above. ^^


  1. Bat

    Owh, best theme2 ni, tapi ntah la, rasa seronok guna current theme sekarang, rasa macam putih suci murni ja, huhu..

    Dan, kadang-kadang rasa jugak nak develop theme tumblr pasni, tapi taktau bila nak mula.. =)

    BTW, “This is not a template theme” sangat cantik dari segi simplicity.

  2. MK

    okeh, nak guna tublr skang!

    MKs last blog post..Kawal PC Orang Lain Dengan TeamViewer

  3. syuxx

    haha. develop lah. dia punya theme struktur senang sikit nak paham.
    kalau dah biasa buat wp theme, utk tumblr lagi lah senang.

    ya, “This is not a template theme”. anyone can convert it to wp? hehe

    guna lah cepat! ^^

  4. nelly

    I cant get a theme to work. I’m doing everything it says to do. Can anyone help me?


    nellys last blog post..i’m not gonna write you a love song

  5. syuxx

    maybe this will help: http://dfi.speakerz.net/tech-talk/how-to-insert-custom-tumblr-theme/

  6. Удивительно.

  7. graphpaper

    I still don’t know what tumbler is, but I like the graphpaper theme.

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  9. chvnx

    View more tumblr themes @ themes.chvnx.com

  10. syuxx

    yeah! really good theme collections!

  11. gadis cantik

    Selamat siang, salam kenal…
    Baru hari ini saya baca blog ini, ketemu di google :D

    Si Cantik

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  13. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  14. thisispie.

    hello. i was wondering, how i could use your themes? i mean, how do i install them?

  15. Magda

    Thanks for sharnig. Always good to find a real expert.

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