6 Essential Best Practices in Ecommerce Usability

ecommerce usability 6 Essential Best Practices in Ecommerce Usability

Everyone with an ecommerce store is always looking for a way to make it user friendlier. Web stores that are easier to use almost always lead to greater sales. In the Great Recession that everyone is struggling to escape from, greater sales and profits are always welcome. The are six best essential practices in ecommerce usability.

1. Enabling Users to Make Transactions without Being Required to Sign Up or Register

Simplifying the transaction process for your customers is perhaps the most effective procedure that you might ever perform on behalf of your business. Sure, everyone loves to collect email addresses and names. Still, gaining a sale and the accompanying potential ongoing dealings with a customer are better than this tedious process of registering them, and possibly scaring them away in the process. Customers come to your ecommerce site to shop for and buy things, not to fill out memberships forms.

2. Allowing Users to Understand Where in the Site That They Are

Permitting users of your ecommerce site to see where they are is done using breadcrumbs. These are practical for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, they demonstrate to your customer where they are in the navigation of your site. They also permit your customers to jump back and forth between content points. The more clarity that you can offer on your website for your customers, the better off your site will be.

3. Better Instructions on the ecommerce Site Layout

Hyperlinks on your website should speak volumes. They need to be as descriptive as necessary, telling the customer what you want him or her to do next. If you do not label your links optimally, then you will suffer in the SEO rankings as well. Search engines contemplate a link’s content in describing the page it points to.

4. Simplifying the Sign Up Process and Check Out Experience

One click sign up may sound like a dream, but it is especially attractive to your customers, many of whom sadly possess the attention span of a flea. There really is not that much information needed in order to sign up a user. Probably the email address is all that you will require up front. When it is time for the customer to check out, you should endeavor to keep this as simple and easy as possible. Shopping carts that involve numerous information pages and screens to work through discourage customers from completing their purchases.

5. Enabling Search Features

Users have been trained by the search engine majors Google and Yahoo! to search for something when they can not find it. This applies to your ecommerce site as well. Make sure that you have a well working search box that is easily found and utilized to help your customers find what they are seeking. This benefits you as well, since Google Analytics permits you to track the internal search utilization on your ecommerce website.

6. Share the Price of an Item With the Customer Early On

This may at first sound counter intuitive. One school of thought argues that customers will run if they see a hard price offered too early on in the process. The truth is that customers are really looking to see how much they can save on a given item as early on as possible. Hiding this from them is not going to make them more likely to work their way through your long and detailed website. They will instead get frustrated and go find a competitor who is willing to share this critical information with them. Concentrate on the positives in sharing your price, such as how much money is being saved in purchasing the item.

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