5 Best Free Internet Security Suites

free internet security suites 5 Best Free Internet Security Suites

You probably know that computer security represents a major consideration for businesses and individuals, but you may not know that you can keep your computer safe without spending a lot of money. Here are the 5 best free Internet security suites that you can use to protect yourself and your bottom line.

1. Comodo: Offers a free personal firewall and Internet virus protection suite that you can download from its Web site. Analysts rate the software highly for its ability to keep you from downloading harmful programs and from malicious external attacks. 64 bit Windows users can choose to use the 64 bit version that gives you great performance while using the latest Intel and AMD CPUs. Each component (Firewall, Anti virus, and Internet security) downloads separately. If you really like the program, you can upgrade to the professional (commercial) version of the software. It includes additional features including Wi-Fi protection. It is available as a 30 day trial, after which you can pay $49.99 for a one-year subscription.

2. PC Tools Internet Security: PC Tools has a great reputation for producing stable and reliable utilities for computers: their Internet Security programs are no exception. This software is available as a free download, but must be registered for a price of $49.99 after it expires. Anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-spam, and a firewall comprise the entire suite, offering you full protection. If you do not need the firewall and spam components, you can get the full version of PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus as part of the Google Pack of essential software products.

3. AVG Anti-Virus: AVG has a premium suite available for trial and for purchase, but it has a full version of its anti-virus software available for free. Featuring a link scanner that prevents you from paying a severe price for an errant or malicious click, AVG provides amazingly robust protection for free. The software download even includes a spyware scanner that protects you from Internet trackers and malware as you use your computer.

4. Avast Free Anti-Virus: Known as one of the best security products around, Avast has a free version that will give you outstanding basic security for the price you like: free. This package includes anti-spyware and will do well for personal users who wish to keep their computers safe while online. Of course, Avast has premium options that are available if you wish to use the software for commercial use. Upgrades that include a full Internet Security Suite ($60) are also available.

5. Zone Alarm: One of the best known and effective software based computer firewalls is Zone Alarm. The free version of the software features an anti-virus and anti-spyware engine and anti-phishing checks that give you protection that goes way beyond the Microsoft Windows firewall solution. Nowhere else can you get a solution that gives you complete inbound and outbound control over the network traffic on your computer and offers unique additional protections such as DefenseNet. The free version is available for personal use only, but options for businesses and individuals who want even more protection are also available for purchase.

Try these 5 best free Internet security suites and you will surely find one that you like. You will enjoy the benefits and peace of mind from having the software installed and you will enjoy getting it all for free.

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  1. Fareed Khan

    My votes going to Avast

  2. fengzi

    I have used AVG Anti-Virus.

  3. Magento Themes

    I have been using AVG antivirus for the past 3 years and I find it most reliable for me and my computer.

  4. shivam sharma


    this site helped me a lot , i have been disappointed for blocking facebook in my pc. so this site recommended me to follow few steps , and i followed, really!!!!
    i did it , i blocked face book site on my pc. entirly

  5. shivam sharma


    this site helped me a lot , i have been disappointed for blocking facebook in my pc. so this site recommended me to follow few steps , and i followed, really!!!!
    i did it , i blocked face book site on my pc. entirly,, UTTAR PRADESH ROCKS, INDIA.

  6. Patrick Faury

    Good article. I had been using Kaspersky Internet Security Suite for 3 years when it crashed my pc last year. Changed to Comodo Intenet Security Suite Premium (free), and this is the best package I have ever used: low on ram resources, brilliant sand-box technology, excellent firewall under windows 7 ultimate (64-bit), wont swap for any other suite ever, I am an ex IT guy.

  7. Brautkleider

    article is great!

  8. Oli

    I find it hard to find something bettering what comodo have at the moment; open and willing to listen to anyone finding something with a better free firewall and malware protection…the other gimmick add ons are secondary…firewall is #1 concearn and should be for anyone on the planet today…malware/trojans/virus/spyware is #2 as MOST respecatble free antivirus suites or stand alone products can cope with recent changes and as long as your not stupidly running programs/apps from random websites which have nothing to do with work or study then you’re OK

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