10 Leading iPhone Office Productivity Apps

iphone office apps 10 Leading iPhone Office Productivity Apps

You can do nearly anything with your iPhone. You can find restaurants in your favorite cities, keep track of your to-do list, and open office applications from wherever you are. Maintain your productivity with these great iPhone applications.

  1. Evernote [Free] – No list of productivity apps would be complete without Evernote. Evernote takes your sticky notes to the next level. You can record snippets of sound, upload files and write notes to yourself. Free membership allows you to keep up to 40MB of information. Take notes in class with your iPhone and access them from anywhere.
  2. Documents To Go [$9.99] – Sometimes viewing is not enough. With Documents To Go, you can edit your Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents while you are on the go. You have many of the same important desktop features on your iPhone, including word count, bullet points and hyperlink support. You can open password-protected PDFs and view them at your leisure.
  3. Dragon Dictation [Free] – You might be speedy with the iPhone keyboard, but it is often easier to say what you are thinking. Dragon Dictation takes your words and transcribes them into text. You can make your Facebook posts on the go with this application. Record your conversations and receive transcriptions in a matter of minutes.
  4. reQall [Free] – Use your iPhone as an organization device. Create your to-do lists, remind yourself of important events and organize your life using reQall. Let your iPhone remind you to pick up butter at the store. You can send IMs or email to yourself. Capitalize on your breakthrough ideas by placing them into your iPhone.
  5. CalenGoo [$6.99] – Synchronize your Google Calendar with your iPhone using CalenGoo. You can schedule events, send reminders to yourself, or get an overview of your entire month. Access your task lists and create itineraries. When you set a date using CalenGoo, you can also access the information offline from your iPhone.
  6. Dropbox [Free] – Stream your music library directly to your iPhone using Dropbox. This app will let you view and use files within your mobile network. Dropbox is essential for iPhone users.
  7. GoodReader [$0.99] – Read large PDF files on your iPhone. Markup your files, make annotations and notes for all of your important PDFs. You can move quickly within your document with just a couple of taps. There is a robust text searching feature within GoodReader so you can easily find information within your documents.
  8. Bump [Free] – Bump is a tool which makes your networking easier. If you are at a conference, you can share pictures, calendar events and schedules. The application is integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You choose how much information that you want to share with your colleagues. When you are ready, physically bump the phones together.
  9. Mint [Free] – Mint is a secure personal finance program. It synchronizes with all of your banking institutions so you can get a full picture of your spending habits. You receive real time updates to your budget as well as your monthly expenses. Look at the performance of your investment accounts with the touch of a button.
  10. TeamViewer [Free] – Take advantage of your computer through your iPhone. You can remotely reboot your system, access computers behind proxy servers, and access unattended computers. This app is perfect for IT professionals.

The iPhone is the perfect portable tool for keeping track of your hectic life. You can save all of your memories to text, fully integrate your calendars and carry libraries within your pocket. New iPhone apps are being developed daily.

This guest post was written by James Adams who works for a UK based company called Office Kitten who specialise in office supplies for businesses.


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