10 Big Advertising Dos and Don’ts For New Blogs

advertising tips for new blog 10 Big Advertising Dos and Donts For New Blogs

New bloggers are often overwhelmed with the need to get effective advertising for their site. They are prone to jump into the fray and disregard some of the basics. Here are some of the basic do’s and don’ts of online advertising.

  1. DO have a plan – This is essential for any business, whether online or not. Planning answers the question about how you are going to get users onto your site. Write the tactics that you plan to use down so that you can track the results. Having a direction is much more effective than the ‘throw noodles at the wall and see what sticks’ approach to marketing and advertising.
  2. DO NOT post irrelevant ads – You will get more clicks and more advertising revenue if you place ads that are relevant to the subject of your blog. If you’re blogging about hair care products, advertisements about barbells are useless.
  3. DO your research – Any successful businessperson can tell you that researching is one of the most important parts of the job. Everything on the web has the potential of generating ideas to make your blog more successful. There might be new forms of advertising which would allow you to be on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology. There might be a pop-up advertisement which is not annoying. You won’t know about it unless you do your research.
  4. DO NOT violate the terms of service – Free blogging sites have rules that need to be followed. Be aware of them and adhere to them to prevent being banned or penalized. Keyword stuffing and cloaking are no-nos.
  5. DO remember that it’s your audience who pays the bills – New bloggers can sometimes become wrapped up in catering to the advertisers. Content is what brings users to your site, and those users are the ones who click on the advertisements. Give your readers what they want in the form of useful or entertaining information.
  6. DO NOT take too much space with your ads – This applies to pop-ups as well. Your users should not have to wade through a sea of advertising to get to the content that they’re looking for. People will come to your site for its substance, rather than the way it makes money.
  7. DO sell ads in your newsletters – Your newsletter is another source of branding for your product. It goes out to thousands of readers who are a pre-sold audience to your advertiser’s products. Customers will respond to the dynamic content in your newsletters by clicking on the links.
  8. DO NOT advertise in a deceptive manner – Not only is your reputation at stake, but there can be legal consequences for misrepresenting your product to the public. Only claim what you can support with verifiable evidence.
  9. DO advertise that you’re advertising – Make your readers aware that there is advertising space available. When the offers start coming in, make sure that their products are relevant to your own.
  10. DO NOT only advertise – When you are in a commercial business, it is tempting to want to advertise all the time. On the social networking sites, you want to be seen as a person who happens to sell X rather than the annoying person who only talks when they want sales.

Everybody makes mistakes in the beginning. The successful blogger is one who is persistent with their research and advertising campaigns.

About Author:

James is a writer, analyst and designer working with an ink cartridge supplier based in the UK. You can read more of his posts on their blog.


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